News18 India’s Bhaiyaji Kahin Travels to Kumbh


Kumbh – will also witness News18 India’s show Bhaiyaji Kahin as it travels to Prayagraj (Allahabad).

Gigantic, flamboyant and often frenzied, Kumbh Mela, marks the celebration of Hindu heritage. This time, the largest peaceful gathering of pilgrims on the planet will also witness News18 India’s much-admired show “Bhaiyaji Kahin” as it travels to Prayagraj (Allahabad). A travelogue-cum-chaupal, the show will provide a comprehensive and unparalleled ground-level view of the Kumbh festival.

In line with bringing the most diverse programming, the special edition of Bhaiyaji Kahin will capture the mood of people and will provide a platform to devotees who gather from all around the globe to share their experiences of the Kumbh Yatra. Anchored by Prateek Trivedi, the show will additionally focus on environmental issues and host discussions around topics ranging from Ganga cleaning to an environmental imbalance to sanitation to water conservation, to name a few.

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With his rustic and people-oriented approach, Prateek will make this Kumbh Yatra with Bhaiyaji Kahin a truly unique experience for the viewers.





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