From Reliance Jio to Dabur, the marketing fervour at Kumbh Mela 2019 sees an uprise

Marketing is happening, and is happening in a BIG WAY! Kumbh Mela, the largest congregation of people in the world held from January 15 to March 4 this year is expected to break all records and brands definitely are not missing onto this opportunity to create visibility. 

The 100 million pilgrims right now at Prayagraj Kumbh Mela 2019 would have been witness to ‘Sara Kumbh ho Aapke saath, jab Jio phone ho aapke haath’  by Reliance Jio who launched a special Kumbh Jio phone priced at Rs.501. The phone is being marketed aggressively at the biggest congregation on Earth with its special features imbibing the much-needed family locator titled ‘Khoya, Paya’ along with Kumbh radio.

Setting aside the ‘aastha’ of millions at the Kumbh, it is worth noticing how brands are latching on to the moment to engage with the potential consumers at the fair, ending up allotting most of their quarter one budget for it.

The whole of ad world, small and big players helm branding kiosks at the religious gathering, merely not with the purpose of outshining the competition, but to create top of the mind recall. From out and about outdoor advertising to experiential marketing to digital activations, major FMCG players like HUL, Dabur and other categories have their marketing game at the event which

With a whopping budget of Rs. 4200 crore allotted by the state government, the  Kumbh this time around has inhabited devotee amenity points such as lost and found centers, mobile charging zones, hand washing and changing rooms.

Also adding to these basic requirements are the selfie zones where pilgrims can pacify their self-photography skills. Aren’t these the best zones for advertisers to plug in their marketing artistry? Don’t you worry? Our marketers are up and about there already.

Let’s take a look at the innovative branding activities happening right now as you skim through the article.

Red Label Tea for Trash Machines at Kumbh

It is estimated that every year, more than 200 tonnes of garbage is generated at Kumbh Mela. Most of this waste does not end up in dustbins and poses various health risks.

Brooke Bond Red Label (BBRL) brought people together to support a noble cause of safe disposal of waste at the Kumbh Mela, encouraging the spirit of togetherness & inclusiveness over a cup of tea.

BBRL set up tea vending machines across the Kumbh Mela to encourage people to dispose of waste safely. The devices double up as dustbins and have a built-in sensor. Every time a pilgrim disposes of garbage, the sensor gets activated and releases a warm, delicious cup of tea from the tea vending slot. Thus, while maintaining cleanliness, Brooke Bond Red Label tea vending machines also reward pilgrims with a warm cup of tea that helps beat the cold of Kumbh.

Aristocrat offers Free Bag repair and Service

Keeping in line with the holy spirit, Aristocrat has introduced an offer of free bag repair and service to the devotees, which will be valid till 15th March 2019. Devotees also get the chance to replace their bags with brand new Aristocrat bags at discounts. The Aristocrat collection comprises of a range of modern, functional and multipurpose products crafted to suit a variety of needs. 

Hamam’s Waterproof Sarees for women

Extending its initiative of upholding women dignity to the Kumbh 2019, Hamam started its journey by sponsoring women-only changing rooms at the ghats. But soon realized that this is not enough, as the walk to the changing room after the dip in the river is when polyester or cotton saris are wet and clinging, leaving women most vulnerable to unsolicited attention and even pictures.

Image 2 - Waterproof sarees distributed at the Kumbh Mela as a part of Hamam's #GoSafeOutside Movement

itel ‘Ab Har Haath Mein Jaadu’

For this new campaign, itel rolled out an integrated marketing campaign to foster engagements across all the media platforms. 

From a special retail visibility drive to on-ground activations across all its markets. To further drive meaningful local connections with consumers during the festival, itel also participated in Pongal and Kumbh Mela, making its presence impactful across markets. Way forward, it is geared up to participate in key festivals across its top markets and connect directly with customers.

Parryware’s ‘Swachh Kumbh’  

Spreading the message of following healthy habits, hygienic practices and pledging to keep the sacredness of Kumbh enacted as a constant reminder, Parryware has gone all out with focused messaging on hoardings endorsing cleanliness across Prayagraj. India’s leading bathroom brand urged individuals to get the Kumbh to a clean start (Shudhh Shuruwat) and introduce hygiene and cleanliness in their lives and at the holy place.

Swachh Kumbh with Parryware - River cleaning initiative (1)

The messaging has been displayed at key locations such as bus stops, railway station, etc at the city and also at small and medium eateries (dhabhas) asking the public to adopt healthy hygiene practices for self and for the Kumbh.

Shemaroo Bhakti App for Kumbh

Shemaroo Entertainment Limited has curated a special section on Shemaroo Bhakti App for the devotees going to Kumbh Mela. The app will provide information on the history of Kumbh Mela, the upcoming events, travel and stay options and services available at the Mela for its subscribers.

HIL’s Charminar installs water kiosks at Kumbh Mela

Charminar, the flagship roofing solution brand from the house of HIL Ltd. installed numerous water kiosks at Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj to serve clean drinking water to the masses and devotees. Charminar will also distribute bags/jholas to masses and devotees on key gathering days.  

Most of the target audience that Charminar caters to will be a part of Kumbh this year and this is a gesture from HIL to celebrate and connect with them and be a part of their spiritual journey. Since Kumbh is the largest congregation of devotees/pilgrims in the world, they believe this platform will enhance the visibility of the brand.

Welspun QUIK DRY Towels

Welspun, the home textile manufacturers, introduced ‘Welspun QUIK DRY ’towels. The new range has been designed based on extensive consumer research and insights. With the aim to cater to the mass market through the first-hand experience, the brand marked their new launch by participating in the Kumbh Mela, the largest human congregation of the World.

Welspun India in Kumbh

The activities and engagement through the campaign ‘Jaldi Sukhe, Jaldi Sukhaye’, will reach out to five lakh customers. 3,000 Welspun QUIK DRY towels are deployed each day outside the changing rooms for women giving them the first-hand experience of the product. Apart from branding 20 changing rooms at the bathing ghat, Welspun also set up a stall at the commercial area of the Kumbh and also roll out Geo-targeted notifications for better on-ground interaction. The idea was to touch base with at least 5 Lakh consumers through this initiative.

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RB drives ‘Healthy, Clean and Hygienic Kumbh Experience’

With an aim to bring about behavior change towards ensuring cleanliness, Reckitt Benckiser, unveiled its awareness campaigns focusing on ‘Hand Hygiene’ and ‘Sanitation’ at the Kumbh Mela. Haath Dhona Har Baar campaign by Dettol aims to highlight the occassions of handwashing, with catchy taglines like ‘Har Dharam Ka Bhojan Sanskar, Haath Dhona Har Baar’, ‘Bimariyon Se Bachne Ka Upchaar, Haath Dhona Har Baar’, ‘Shauch ka sahi vyahvaar, Haath Dhona Har Baar’. The campaign aims to educate people around the importance of hand washing to remain germ free. To create awareness around toilet hygiene, Harpic launched ‘Hoga Toilet Vidhi Ka Gyaan, Toh Badhega Kumbh ka Maan’, campaign that calls visitors to throw water every time they use a toilet as a sign of respect to the next person using it.

Dettol and Harpic have come up with innovative ways to deliver their campaign messages by organizing Nukkad Nataks within the Kumbh premises as well as creating life-size wall paintings across 54 villages surrounding the Kumbh. Making perfect visual representation to showcase the importance of these campaigns, the impact will be significant. Dettol has deployed ‘Hand Mascots’ who will recite the story of the hands coming in contact with germs and educate people of hand wash need and practice. The mascot will share Dettol soaps to encourage personal hygiene.

Dabur ‘Dant Snaan’ and Hajmola activation

An extension to it’s earlier dant snaan campaign at Kumbh, Dabur has set up toothpaste dispensers — a new offering — across Akharas. As per media reports, the first-of-its-kind toothpaste dispenser works on the lines of the liquid soap dispensers found in most five-star hotels across the country. Also through its ‘Taste Election Hajmola activation’, the brand has introduced new flavours of Hajmola. Each Hajmola variant is being presented as a candidate fighting an election and the pilgrims are asked to vote for their best.

HUL’s ‘Swasthya Chetna Thalis’

Lifebuoy is creating awareness around ‘healthy habits and reducing illnesses’ by launching ‘Swasthya Chetna Thalis’ highlighting the message “Kripaya Pehle Sabun se Haath Dhoyein”. Through the campaign, the HUL brand aims to harness the power of small actions that can unlock big differences.”

Among hundreds of brands going extra miles to connect to crores of masses assembling at Kumbh is SBI providing 2,000 life jackets for safety and Birla Corp distributing branded headbands for devotees. The marketing and pilgrim gala will culminate on March 4 while the marketers battle it out at the Prayagraj ghats garnering huge eyeballs at their hoardings and consumer participation in various activations.




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