Combination of TV & digital works well for us: Sachin Dingankar, Zydus Wellness


Zydus Wellness’ Chief Marketing Officer, Sachin Dingankar talks about the launch of their new product – Sugarlite, thoughts on integrated marketing, and more. 

Zydus Wellness, in February, launched Sugarlite – a 100% natural blended sugar. Touted as a smart sugar made from a blend of sugar and stevia, Sugarlite provides 50% less calories while being just as sweet as sugar.

The brand launched a campaign to promote the newly launched product. To ensure that the product resonated with the consumer immediately, the team at Contract Mumbai based its communication on the relevant consumer insight that “most people, in the quest of trying to reduce calorie consumption, reduce sugar instantly and thus take away from the joy of eating”. It prompts them to reduce everything to “aadha”.

In conversation with Media Samosa, Sachin Dingankar, CMO, Zydus Wellness spills the beans behind Sugarlite’s promotion strategy, the launch campaign, the rationale behind roping in the power couple Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan and much more.


With a new product in your kitty, how are you creating awareness around it in the market? Please take us through your marketing strategy and the media mix for the same.

Given that we have introduced a strong innovation & a unique product idea, we have chosen a mix of building awareness through TV & digital, besides having large trial generation initiatives for the consumers to be able to use & understand the product idea.

For awareness building, while TV will play a dominant, it will be strongly complemented with digital and print in certain key markets.    

Please share the key highlights of the campaign.

The key highlights of the campaign are to build on the proposition of “Adhe Mein Zyada”- You don’t need to now compromise on your sweet habits as you are getting a smarter sugar that helps you to enjoy 100% sweetness while reducing calories by 50%.

Which marketing platform has proved to be the most fruitful in creating awareness around the new product?

For us, a combination of TV & digital has been working quite well. Interestingly, this time a significantly high number of aware consumers have mentioned digital as their first source of information.  

What has been the thought process behind roping in a celebrity couple as the brand ambassadors? How has it helped the brand so far?

We were looking for celebrities who can represent the values of the brand and help build higher & rapid salience for Sugarlite. In this respect, we could not find a better person than Kareena Kapoor who has been an epitome of fitness, besides having a progressive mindset. Along with Kareena, Saif has also been associated with food and fitness. Together, as a couple, we felt that they would have an even better connect with the consumers. Till now, both the brand ambassadors have helped break clutter and build quick awareness levels for Sugarlite.   

How often do you work with influencers? How has the experience been? Will you be working with influencers for the new product as well?

We have been working with the appropriate influencers as we feel that they help in expanding the width of awareness levels while building credibility. We have already been working with influencers for the new product as well.

How do you plan to leverage social media for making the product a household name?

Social media will be used to build broad-based awareness levels. We will be looking to have more innovative & creative campaigns that not just build awareness for Sugarlite but also interact with the consumers in an engaging manner.  

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With important events such as General Elections, IPL, and World Cup coming up, how do you foresee this impacting the advertising expenditure?

General elections, IPL, World Cup are high impact properties. Brands will be building plans around them as part of their overall annual plans as per individual brand needs. As such, it will have a neutral impact on overall advertising expenditures.  

Healthy eating and living overall has become a rage with fads such as keto and hot yoga coming in. How do you plan to leverage these trends as a part of your marketing plan?

We will leverage these trends only if they fit into the brand message & positioning.

What kind of content hooks do you use to create quality engagement on digital while keeping the buzz around the brand high?

Content hooks can be of various kinds. The most effective content hooks are when they are closely aligned with the core brand positioning & messaging besides having a certain degree of “creativity or quirk”.

What are your marketing plans for 2019?

Our marketing plans for 2019 include a judicious mix of TV, digital & on-ground engagement.    




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