Interview: We wanted to target homemakers: Dilen Gandhi, Pepsico India

Dilen Gandhi, Sr Director, Marketing – Foods category, PepsiCo India reveals the idea behind the new positioning of the Pepsico Brand-Kurkure

As a part of their television campaign, Kurkure ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) including ZEE TV, &TV, Sarthak, and Big Ganga wherein protagonists of the respective shows will bring alive Kurkure’s new positioning, “Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai”.

Leading protagonists namely Guddan of Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Paayega, Angoori of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai and Rajesh of Happu Ki Ultan-Paltan among a few others will surprise viewers with their chatpatey khayaal.

In conversation with Social Samosa, Dilen Gandhi, Sr Director, Marketing – Foods category, PepsiCo India, reveals the insights behind this content strategy.

What was the idea behind Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai? What is your objective from the campaign?

Kurkure’s latest campaign is a continuation of Kurkure’s philosophy that homemakers are the center of the family and they play a critical role in bringing them together.

Kurkure has always been the homemakers’ ally and through “Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai” it celebrates the progressive thinking homemakers bring alive through wit and humor into traditional Indian families.

This campaign highlights the evolution of progressive thinking by improvising it through wit & humor and communicating it through the Indian homemakers.

What was the brief given to the agency? In how many phases will the campaign be rolled out?

The brief to the agency was to reiterate our positioning of showcasing progressive thinking through homemakers who play a critical role in bringing together our families.

The teams brainstormed and came up with unique integrations with Zee TVs leading shows bringing alive Kurkure’s new positioning making it more creative and meaningful.

The integration was rolled out on 13th May 2019 and will continue till the end of June. The integration includes 4 Channels, 8 shows, 16 leading protagonists from Zee TVs top shows in Hindi, Bhojpuri and Odia language.

What was the insight and data point behind investing in in-show advertising?

Kurkure banked upon wit and humor to address age-old tricky conventions demonstrating progressive thinking to bring alive ‘Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai’ positioning.

Insights did point that our audience will be able to relate to these stories better and enjoy the thought-provoking and entertaining storyline that has never been seen before leading to high impact and reach.

Please share the demographics of the TG you’re trying to reach out to Why Zee TV? Also, on what criteria were the shows selected?

Kurkure’s target audience comprises of Indian homemakers who are leading the change in the family.

PepsiCo and ZEEL share great thought synergies and our association goes long back. Our brand philosophies intersect beautifully when it comes to connecting with the Indian masses. ZEE TV with its brand ethos of Aaj Likhenge Kal, has stood for inspiring viewers to take charge of their destiny and work proactively in the present to build an extraordinary future. & TV, the youngest GEC in the ZEE portfolio is best suited to cater to Indians — the multifaceted, progressive, blooming mindset viewers who want to be ‘more’. This collaboration is helping us amplify our brand positioning of ‘Khayal to Chatpata hai’ across channels.

Through these collaborations, we humorously navigated age-old conventions like Married Women of the house have to cook, even on Sundays, Working women can’t take a break, Women Shouldn’t Learn How to Drive, Women Shouldn’t Start New Businesses et al.

Furthermore, the protagonists, be it ZEE TV’s Guddan or &TV’s Angoori Bhabhi, are the Indian viewers’ most sought-after dinner table companions who they not only connect closely with but also draw inspiration from. These shows perfectly blended and brought alive Kurkure’s brand story in a context that’s relevant to Indian families.

All the shows selected were top rates shows of Zee TV and helped us in regionalization strategy. Through the mix of shows, we were able to reach out to media in key Kurkure markets like North (UP) and East (Odisha)

In-show advertising is also a part of Branded Content. Why not go the digital way for the same?

Besides, the in-show integration, we also tapped the digital platform to reach out to our audience in a big way.

With easy access to data and high mobile penetration social media has become mainstream but has resulted in clutter.

Kurkure has been a social brand and has thrived in the in breaking this clutter through its unique positioning. Kurkure has adopted a 360-degree approach to connect with consumers its new positioning, which has also been brought alive through digital media.

Our digital brand mascot, Ms. Kurkure unfolds another exciting chapter in our journey with ‘Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai’. Ms. Kurkure takes a dig at conventional thinking in a light-hearted way. Ms. Kurkure is helping us create a unique brand identity on the digital platform – making us stand out in the clutter. It has allowed us to visually show the quirky Kurkure humor that consumers love.

Please take us through Kurkure’s marketing mix.

Our marketing mix embraces all media including TV, Prime Time show integration, digital and on-ground.

TVC – We have worked on a new positioning through a National Campaign customized for North and South India. We roped in leading Bollywood actress, Taapsee Pannu as Kurkure’s brand ambassador who features in our latest TVC that celebrates the forward-thinking brought-in by today’s women. We also roped in leading Tollywood actress, Samantha Akkineni to launch Kurkure Masala Munch with one of South India’s favorite cooking ingredients, Gingelly Oil, widely known as sesame oil. Both these actresses bring alive our new positioning ‘Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai’.

Digital – With the launch of our digital brand mascot, Ms. Kurkure, who is an ally to the Indian homemakers, we have created a unique brand identity for Kurkure on the digital platform. It has allowed us to visually show the quirky Kurkure humor that consumers love on the online platform through short videos that make a point in a lighthearted manner.

Integration with Zee TV – Kurkure has also partnered with 4 leading GECs from Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited (ZEEL) including ZEE TV, &TV, Sarthak and Big Ganga for in-show integration of the new positioning ‘Khayaal Toh Chatpata Hai’. As a part of this unique association, leading protagonists namely Guddan of Guddan – Tumse Na Ho Paayega, Angoori of Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai and Rajesh of Happu Ki Ultan-Paltan among a few others are surprising viewers with their chatpatey khayaal. These integrations are on Prime Time across 3 languages – Hindi, Bhojpuri and Odia.

How do you calculate ROI on your marketing efforts? Please share your measurement metrics

There are numerous metrics we follow to calculate return which includes brand equity scores. The initial response of consumers to these integrations has been fantastic and the same is reflected in overall social media engagement.

So far, we have received over 3 million impressions across all social media platforms.

What are the marketing trends seen in the FMCG sector?

The principles of marketing are timeliness however how these principles are being applied are changing in a distinctive way and the present is no different.

There are 3 big trends emerging in the FMCG sector

• Consumer media consumption is fragmented. There are more choices for consumers everywhere
• Access to digital media especially social media has increased due to a drop in data prices and high mobile penetration. This is leading to further fragmentation.
• Market places have become crowded leading to more clutter.

Kurkure has responded to these challenges by staying relevant and head through product and marketing innovation. Our launch of Kurkure Masala Munch (with Gingelly Oil), Digital Mascot Ms Kurkure and Integration with Zee TV are few proof points.

Has the whole election phase created any impact on the sales and consumption of snacking goods?

Events like world cup and elections add to the consumption of media but don’t substitute occasions. There are many such occasions throughout the year, which we tackle through fixed and fluid moment strategy.

How do you plan to leverage the cricket world cup? Are there any marketing activities in the pipeline?

Events like the World Cup and Elections add to the consumption of media but don’t substitute occasions. We will continue to invest in occasions and platforms that are best suited to our target audience and that will help our overall brand positioning.




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