OkCupid launches first 360-degree campaign in India, Find My Kind

OkCupid launches first 360-degree campaign in India, Find My Kind, a conceptual take on Indian millennials’ changing preference to find ‘my’ kind vs ‘others’ kind.

Aimed at an informed generation to whom freedom of choice is non-negotiable, the Find My Kind campaign overturns decades of patriarchal values and rigid gender roles with thoughtfulness and quirk. The integrated campaign, conceptualised and executed by BBH India, highlights the importance of personal agency in relationships. The campaign lynchpin is OkCupid’s first TVC in India, directed by Shashank Chaturvedi of Good Morning Films.

Shruti Gupta, Brand Manager, OkCupid India, says, “Today’s single Indian is battling ‘suitable’ recommendations by parents, friends, extended family or matrimonial services that don’t account for personal preferences. At the other end are exploratory dating services that don’t cater to Indian millennials who want a genuine partnership based on shared personal values. OkCupid celebrates people who are expressing their own preferences and empowers them to live life on their own terms.”

Melissa Hobley, Global CMO, OkCupid, adds, “Find My Kind, our first-ever brand campaign in India, taps into the desire of single Indians to exercise their right to choose their own partner. It celebrates people who are looking for something real, and won’t compromise or adjust to suit other people’s expectations.”

Vasudha Misra, Executive Creative Director, BBH India, “Relationships in the world today — they seem to be either for a fluid let’s-not-define-things kind or a let’s-get-married scenario. The in-betweeners seem to be left to their own devices (sorry for the pun). Enter OkCupid. A place for people who know themselves and know what they are looking for in a partner. The idea celebrates these people who aren’t letting anyone else decide for them — not parents, not society, not even their own inhibitions.”

Going beyond the TVC

The TVC covers major national channels with a focus on English entertainment and movie channels. The outdoor and print campaigns are indexed to metro cities — Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai with a quirky, contextual take on Indian matrimonial listings. To build resonance with the digital generation, OkCupid worked with a variety of social influencers who speak about the relevance of individual choice in their lives. The campaign is being taken on-ground with an all-girl comedy tour — OkCupid, My Kind of Funny — focussing on dating, relationships and experiences of millennials growing up in India. Female comedians Urooj AshfaqAishwarya MohanrajSupriya JoshiNiveditha PrakasamShreeja Chaturvedi, will take the stage across Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi, to bring their experiences to life through fun stand up acts.

Statistics behind the campaign

The campaign draws insight from user responses to questions on the app, breaking stereotypes about what relationships mean for Indians today. An overwhelming 92% feel their values vastly differ from their parents’, and a majority of them (79%) do not believe they echo their friends’ preferences either, clearly establishing them as a generation that values what they want, not what others want for them. In fact, 67% would rather find a meaningful relationship in the serendipity of a dating app than have friends or family arrange a setup. Surprisingly, 68% don’t even believe marriage is mandatory for people in love. When it comes to the kind of relationship they want, 72% believe traditional gender roles, such as men being default heads and not househusbands, or women taking care of chores and children or changing names, have no place in their lives. In line with the campaign messaging, 87% of users don’t conform to society’s judgements, with 88% saying they would follow their passions over high-paying lucrative jobs.



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