Yulu creates video campaign to promote Miracle bikes

In an attempt to promote Yulu Miracle bikes as a holistic micro-mobility solution, the brand has launched an advertisement video.

The idea to introduce Yulu Miracle came from existing gaps in the current mobility options. To capture this emotion, the brand is releasing a set of videos, two of which is out. The idea behind these videos is to communicate the typical use-cases of Yulu and how it can become a part of the lives of the users on a day-to-day basis.

The three ad series takes viewers through the cycle of introduction, trial and adoption of Yulu. While these ads show us these use cases, the crux of the ads is the emotional bond shared between Shweta and her dad, the two main characters in the storyline.

The ad-film brings out the essence of an emotional bond shared between a father and his daughter. The first ad in the series shows Shweta and her dad race against each other to get groceries from a nearby store. While Shweta chooses her car as her vehicle of choice to win the race, her dad uses a smarter option of using a Yulu Miracle. With Miracle, he is able to cut through the traffic and reach the destination faster while Shweta gets stuck in traffic and also isn’t able to find a parking spot easily. These instances throw light on how personal modes of transport aren’t as convenient as we assume them to be.

While the first ad shows an instance of product introduction, the second ad in the series showcases an instance of trial. It’s a special occasion for the father-daughter duo, but Shweta is still stuck at work. Her father, who is being a melodramatic father, seizes the opportunity to emotionally blackmail Shweta. The problem arises when she’s unable to get a rickshaw as she had originally expected. What will Shweta do? Will she reach on time? This is where she notices a Yulu Zone nearby and the story unfolds from there.

The third video will be out soon.



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