Snackable content drives Red FM: Nisha Narayan, Red FM & Magic FM

In an exclusive interview with COO and Director Red FM and Magic FM, Nisha Narayan throws light on sub-brand Red Indie, Radio Industry and current trends in the Radio market

93.5 Red FM has launched a new show, ‘Indie Hain Hum’. A part of Red Indies, it is a surfeit platform to promote and support independent artists and grow independent music milieu in India. The show was launched by singer Darshan Raval along with the Red FM team.

Nisha Narayan, COO Red FM shared, “The Radio industry has always been blamed to be Bollywood centric and lacks independent pieces. This was counteracted by us with “red bandstands” pieces. Some 100-150 odd shows that were well received like “Lal Pari Mastani” with Sona Mohapatra and “Mera Naam Badshah” with Badshah.”

What they realized over the years was that there was a need gap that needed to be filled by Radio on Indie music. This resulted in the sub-brand of Red FM, Red Indie. It helped two folds by giving artists a mass media platform to showcase talents and to the audiences to experiment and discover with independent music. The purpose is to make it platform agnostic and language agnostic. What helped them get an impetus on the idea was the feedback they received from the listeners about their preferred artists.

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Red FM India creates “snackable “ content. Despite being a radio channel that is known to run music airways the apps and website run without music contrary to the belief. Red FM represents in 68 markets, is hyper-local in nature, stretching throughout India. There are loads of talent there which need a unified platform and the aim is rightly served by Red FM India. Maximum RJ’s being influencers in their local market has elevated the whole experience leading to a potent content.

She further adds that they understand the presence of an audience off Radio who enjoy Independent music and thus intend to tap that market by a digital spree. The main marketing platforms will be digital and their very own Red FM. They have a curated list of artists and advertisers already on board due to the plethora of the umbrella brand that will jostle them to the listeners.

Watch the entire interview to understand her views on the market quarter, changes in the radio sector, content consumption trends among others.  




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