Case Study: How did Lakmé Salon beautify the future with its Green Bills

Lakme Salon Case Study

Lakmé Salon Case Study explores its initiatives with ‘The Green Bills’ through its Beautify the Future campaign by reaching millions of people and planting over 40000 trees in the nation.

The Green Mission by Lakmé Salon to #BeautifyTheFuture through its ‘Happy New You’ campaign aimed to make impactful changes one small green step at a time. Here’s a detailed case study on the initiative.

Category Introduction

The beauty & wellness industry is a fast-growing and constantly changing industry. People looking to up their looks and their style are firm believers and contributors to salon revenues. Also, there has been tremendous growth in personal care and grooming amongst men and women alike due to rising beauty concerns.



Brand Introduction

A leader in its field, Lakmé Salon has over 35 years of experience under its belt and a whopping 400+ salons in 125 cities across the country. With its deep understanding of the beauty industry, its professionals and the skills needed to make a mark, Lakmé Salon is surpassing all boundaries with the hope to one day change the game by way of new innovations and techniques that constantly challenge and redefine the status quo.

Summary: The Green Mission

Lakmé Salon is India’s biggest salon chain with a whopping 200,000+ visits each month across its 430+ outlets. 2019 is the year we chose to take the first steps towards becoming green. Our patrons include women who enjoy grooming but today, make purchase decisions fuelled by their environmental impact. In an effort to build our cause we launched our campaign Beautify The Future.



Problem Statement/Objective

The main focus for ‘Lakmé Salon’s Happy New You’ campaign was to make a difference by implementing small but impactful changes in the salons that help #BeautifyTheFuture, one small green step at a time. These would include starting Green Salon Initiatives that are sustainable and make a huge difference in the conservation of our environment.


To build awareness of Lakmé Salon’s green initiatives and establish it as a green salon.

Creative Idea

In order to get the message out of being a sustainable salon, Lakmé Salon also wanted customers to feel like they were making a difference in the world with every visit to a Lakmé Salon. The Green Bill initiative did just that. Lakmé Salon used the ordinary bill and transformed it into a mode of promoting an ecological way of life. The bill, encased in seed paper can be planted and grown into a tree.

To further enhance this green revolution, Lakmé Salon also planted a tree for every Green Bill generated. Lakme Salon also switched to LED lights, installed special water nozzles that reduced water consumption up to 50%, set the AC at an optimal 24-degree Celsius for lesser electricity consumption, and used 66% recycled paper for all their marketing collaterals.




With the impact of tons of salon waste in terms of water, electricity, etc. One of the biggest challenges was getting customers to stop and take part in an environmentally focused initiative, on the road to build a sustainable salon.


We decided to use our biggest asset– our customers! How? We re-imagined the 1 common element that every customer receives and transformed it into our greatest communication vehicle – The Bill!

Introducing, ‘The Green Bill’ – A first of its kind invoice that could grow into a tree! Encased in seed paper, The Green Bill allowed customers to help Beautify The Future and become ambassadors of the campaign. Propelling the cause further, Lakmé Salon planted a tree for every Green Bill given.

We started off with social media and in-salon communication then further strengthened our commitment by turning our logo green! The green bill also made its way to several influencers and bloggers.






Lakmé Salon is introducing Happy New You. The Theme for this year’s Happy New You campaign is ‘Resolutions’. Indulge in the Happy New You Packages and get a chance to get your resolutions fulfilled.

Posted by Lakmé Salon Hassan on Monday, 26 December 2016


We also switched to LED lights, installed special water nozzles that reduced water consumption up to 50%, set the AC at an optimal 24-degree Celsius for lesser electricity consumption, and used 66% recycled paper for all their marketing collaterals.


The Green Bill made an immense impact online and offline resulting in a massive increase in the number of bills generated and hence, revenue. Thereby putting Lakmé Salon on the map as India’s largest upcoming sustainable salon chain on a steady course to Beautify The Future.

People reached on digital- 17Milllion+

Green Bills Generated- 60,000+

Trees Planted by Lakmé Salon-  40,000


Lakme Salon- Green Mission



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