7 innovative OOH lessons by Coca Cola

Getting OOH right can help brands go global in an instant if packaged and distributed well. Here are a few OOH lessons by Coca Cola that can help you keep the intrigue alive. And without fail they are one of the most engaged OOH activities we have seen in years now.

Coca Cola is known for innovative vending machine OOH campaigns, extending what one may expect from the OOH presence of a beverage brand. Most of such instances are grounded in a message that makes it bigger than just a technical innovation. It works well for a brand like Coca Cola that bases its communication in the idea of sharing and ties back all innovative marketing campaigns and installations to the same. Here are a few best OOH lessons by Coca Cola that are not just educative but also really fun to watch!

Suprise people with novelty

Students in a Singapore college were taken by surprise one fine morning when they came across a Coca Cola vending machine in the premises. They would get a free can upon hugging the machine in a specific way.

Pitch up the emotions

Taking into account the troublesome relationships between India and Pakistan and how human emotions are above borders, Coca Cola installed machines in both countries where people could touch hands and dance together to win free cans.

Element of mystery helps

Placed in a college campus, a vending machine gave out dozens of Coca Cola that people had no choice but to share, making friends. In other instances, pizza, balloon animals and even a really long sandwich came out of the machine. ‘Where will happiness strike next?’

Tap on local characteristics

Celebrating lingual diversity and pride, Coca Cola installed a vending machine where one could pay with dialect to win a free bottle. The machine was installed in Sweden.

Rewards are always welcome

Most innovations around a vending machine include methods of payment against the product. In one instance, Coca Cola partnered with Android Pay to create an interesting method that would keep people hooked for rewards.

Interest them with something to do

Partnering with Shazam, Coca Cola took OOH to another level by creating drinkable advertisements. One part of the campaign was how people could use the app to fill the bottle on it and use the discount code thus generated as a store to get a free bottle.

Focus on attracting, engaging crowds

Using voice recognition at its core, Coca Cola installed an innovation vending machine in Australia where people had to shout ‘Yes’ to get a free bottle.



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