Effects of changing voice-over trends on the advertising industry

Sourav Jandial, Founder - voyzapp.com

Saurav Jandial, Founder, Voyzapp, shares insights on the relevance of voice-overs in the rapidly changing advertising industry, touching upon how to create waves of impact.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a sentence uttered is worth nearly as many if not more. Advertisers know this which is why they are on the lookout for talented voice-over artists.

A terrific voice can convey a brand’s message using tone and pitch such that the brand connects with consumers. When a voice-over is good, every sentence uttered about a product conveys more than the words spoken. The tone of the voice and its enunciation amplifies the qualities of the brand being advertised. For instance, the image of a premium suiting company is enhanced when the voice-over in its advertisement has a distinguished tone. Such a voice enhances the brand’s message and conveys to consumers more than the mere words being uttered about its products.

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A deep baritone voice conveys gravity, prestige, and potency. Such a voice captures the essence of some brands. A peppy voice captures the essence of other brands. There are innumerable voices available that match the brand image of innumerable brands. The voice-over industry, therefore, complements the advertising industry by creating platforms where captivating voices are found. In the absence of a structured voice-over industry, finding a voice that captures the essence of a brand would be a difficult task.

Hence the right voice can enhance videos. So while a picture may be worth a thousand words, a short video clip with an appropriate voice-over is worth fifty thousand. All advertising professionals know that a suitable voice-over is nearly as important as the video it is voicing. Such professionals are constantly on the lookout for great voice over artists. A few ways voice-overs are changing the course of videos in advertising are mentioned below.

Voice-overs expand the range of videos

Because the organized voice-over industry has such a vast number of voice-over artists, each of whom has a unique voice, it allows advertisers to make a wide range of videos.

Consider the needs of a confectionary company that wants to launch a new kind of candy. YouTube would be an ideal advertising platform for such a company because many young children congregate on it. The confectionery company would likely create videos that pre-roll before YouTube videos. Young children will be attracted to a voice that is identical to their own; the confectionary company will be able to find such a voice on voice over platforms and come across as wanting to its potential consumers.

The voice-over industry grants companies greater freedom in creating videos than was possible without it. For instance, rather than creating an expensive video and finding a suitable voice over artist afterwards, a company can select a voice over artist beforehand. Doing so allows it to match the best voice to a video to create the maximum possible impact of the video.

Because the number of voice-over artists on voice-over platforms is in the thousands, companies are spoiled for choice when searching for a voice that matches their brand’s image. What is even more exciting is that every voice on voice over platforms is not only superb but also is ideal for specific industries and a specific brand message.

Allow advertisements to be prolific

In advertising it’s understood that a voice-over either adds to a video or detracts from it, its impact is never neutral. For this reason, the voiceover industry is a huge boon to advertising as it has thousands of voice-over artists many of whom have an ideal voice for a brand’s message. In the absence of the voice-over industry, companies created outstanding videos yet paired them with unremarkable voices thereby diluting the impact of the entire video. This would eventually lead to the dilution of the brand being advertised.

The fact that a voice-over’s impact is never neutral is all the more important at a time when advertising has become democratized. Consider that it’s possible for even bootstrapped startups to created polished advertisements. A startup that has a niche business model needs a voice-over artist with a unique voice as well. So for the maximum effect, such bootstrapped startups have to select the right voice-over artist and voice-over platforms are the ideal place to find them. Many startups are doing just this and because of the voice-over industry many more polished advertisements are being made. A wider array of advertisements is also being made because there is such diversity of talented voice-over artists.

Advertisements today are more captivating than ever before because they have the right voiceovers. Advertising itself has become more prolific as a result of the democratization of advertising and an abundance of talented voice-over artists. This is allowing advertisers to become even more creative concerning the kinds of advertisements they create. Brands benefit from this as well because they can differentiate themselves and attract a niche audience likely to buy their products.

This piece is authored by Sourav Jandial, Founder, Voyzapp.com.



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