Seven free Off-Page SEO tools to Improve the Search Engine Rank

7 off-page SEO tools

Srijita Das Roy shares a handy free off-page SEO tools list to boost the rank for your website.

Want to see your website in a ranking position on Google? You should have a keen knowledge of off-page factors. Because these are the strong points to boost the SEO mechanism. So, off-page SEO techniques are very useful to get a rank for your website.

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Off-page SEO techniques improve the outside function of the webpages. So, these techniques help to control the factors which are not included in your webpages. There are some tools by which you can identify the outside factors of the website.

These tools help you to customize those factors for a good ranking of your website. Thus, using off-page SEO tools makes your website convenient for browsers. And the search engines recognize your website as authenticated and popular.

Here, I am discussing several free off-page SEO tools. These help to enhance the SEO expertise for upscaling your website rank.


An SEO expert favors this tool to prepare an analysis report on the factors of digital marketing. This tool helps an SEO representative to analyze the competitive factors for the web page.

This tool helps in wide-ranging analysis from checking URL-rankings to getting the backlinks. So, this tool focuses on the extensive arena of SEO analysis.

As a newbie, it also plays a great role in link research. It uses a particular index to research relevant website connection. So, it’s a comprehensive role in analyzing makes it very popular in the digital marketing arena.

One of the favorite features of Ahrefs is to show a clear monthly estimation of organic traffic. The sharp-edged checking aptitude of Ahrefs makes it an integrated off-page SEO tool.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is a tool for judging the link intelligence. So, it is very popular with the website owners and SEO experts. Majestic SEO presents the nature of link metrics.

It defines two types of link metrics – Citation Flow and Trust Flow. Citation Flow allows the presentation of a number that predicts the influence of a URL.

And it recognizes the URL after checking the number of sites connected with it. Trust Flow presents a number to predict the reliability to link with neighbor sites.

Majestic SEO has an aptitude for all-in-one SEO tool. It is able to represent an entire collection of SEO metrics. It plays a complementary role to execute the off-page SEO techniques.

Open Site Explorer Tool

An SEO expert prefers Open Site Explorer Tool to optimize the links. It is an efficient tool by which you can track the relevant links. These links are useful to lead the rank for your website.

It is one of the essential tools to apply effective off-page SEO techniques, needed to get ranking. This tool collects data points from the existing index of the websites. It presents link count statistics, as well as the linking domain of URLs.

It also defines the pattern of anchor text distributions. So, the distinct aptitudes of this tool help the SEO experts to compare the domains with each other. Free account holders of SEOmoz can use this tool for free.

Link clump Tool

Link clump tool is a specific tool that you can use as a chrome extension. When you use this tool, you can open two or more links in one shot. For using it as Google extension, you have to download it and then add it as an extension.

This specific tool scopes you to open multiple URL links. To get this opportunity you have to press the right button of the mouse. And if you want to open you have to point out the links drawing a box around it.

So, follow the click and drag method for selecting multiple links. You can also use the Ctrl key and shift key to select links.

This specific tool is able to highlight many links and serve particular actions at once. So, using this tool you can prepare a spreadsheet attaching multiple links. And it helps you to open these links at a glance.

Check My Links Tool

Using Check My Links Tool is a very favorable option for an SEO expert. It is popular to play a great role in the perfect checking of broken links on the external sites.

Broken link checking defines some essential factors to apply off-page SEO optimization. 1.

These ways explain the logical reason to contact Webmaster. 2) It convinces the webmaster for editing the site. Thus, this tool smooths the path of gaining backlinks.

This tool is a comprehensive part of the chrome toolbar. The website owners use this tool as a reliable browser extension. It is also an effective link builder. So, there are multiple reasons to select this tool for SEO optimization.

Internet Archive

It is a tool, used to track the search history of websites and pages. It is an essential tool for off-page optimization. This useful tool shows incredible results to identify the link of 404 pages.

This tool performs as a way back machine to track the record of the website searched in the past. The tracking method of this tool helps to compare the search aspects of sites on different dates. This tool helps to recognize the reasons for certain fall of page ranking.

SEO experts recommend this tool to fix the issues of dropping of page rank.

Talkwalker Alerts

The role of Talkwalker alerts to monitor your brand-relevant contents and competitors is quite distinct. Talkwalker alerts provide free alerting service through email updates.

This tool targets the email inbox to reach the potential RSS feed to the audience. It is able to deliver alerts on an urgent, daily or weekly basis.

It points out the terms of your searching history and sends alerts according to the trends of competitors. It aims towards the digital footprints of the audience to create an optimization opportunity.

The performance of this off-page SEO tool defines the ranking of your website. So, use these tools to apply the keen SEO aptitudes.

Check the competitive challenges and convert those into your opportunities using these SEO tools. All the potential features of these tools help to produce massive bonus for page ranking.

This piece is authored by Srijita Das Roy, Content Marketer at Stan Ventures.



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