Exploring ‘Mobile Pe Dolby Hai Kya’ with Ashim Mathur, Dolby Laboratories

In a mockumentary style advertisement, Dolby questions viewers — Mobile Pe Dolby Hai Kya? Nudges them to try new technology to enhance content experience.

May it be Facebook pushing for mobile-first vertical content or Netflix releasing a mobile-only subscription plan — it is evident that media giants are trying to better the experiences of mobile users. Technology, of course, plays the most important role to facilitate such content creation and dissemination. In an attempt to do so, Dolby is trying to amp up the way users hear sound on phone. To this extent, innovations have been worked upon and now the tech company is trying to make people aware of the possibilities at hand.

Mobile Pe Dolby Hai Kya? is an effort in this direction. Ashim Mathur, Senior Regional Director Marketing, Emerging markets, Dolby Laboratories tells us more. 

Could you briefly tell us about the new campaign Mobile Pe Dolby Hain Kya? 

Mobile is increasingly becoming an entertainment hub. Dolby India’s latest advertising campaign, ‘Mobile Pe Dolby Hain Kya?’ (Got Dolby on your Mobile?) is aimed at driving awareness about its technology that enables a spectacular experience on a Dolby enabled smartphone with a Dolby enable streaming service. 

The mockumentary style format ad campaign brings back the relatable & memorable characters, Mr Chaubey and his son Mono (aka Mono Sound), explaining the audience, what they are missing with their existing mobile experience. The ad will see the son explaining his father how he can get a Zabardast sound experience on his Dolby enabled phone.

While Dolby India’s previous award-winning campaign, ‘Ghar Pe Dolby Hain Kya?’ (Got Dolby at Home?) addressed the brand’s focus on educating the HD viewer on the PhD or Poora HD experience in the living room with Dolby Audio, the latest ad-campaign educates consumers how they can get more from their entertainment with Dolby even on the go.

How do you plan to promote the campaign? 

We believe in the power of content marketing through storytelling to drive awareness and to educate. We also work with our partners who communicate our experience story through their products or services. The power of telling the audience a story is a technique that tends to strike the right chord with consumers. More than a tool for effective and for measurable marketing, it is a method of building strong relationship with customers and a thriving community of loyalists over time.  

Tell us more about the significance of content marketing for Dolby. 

The use of content marketing has played an important role in building a relationship with the audience by creating compelling audio-visual experiences. It is the content that delivers our ‘Experience Story’. We showcase Dolby advancements in audio and imaging through content that entertains, educates, and captivates consumer, professional, and enterprise audiences worldwide. Content creator and evangelists tell our story. For example, our video series in India called ‘Behind the Mix’ is one such example.

Our Partners (OEM, Content & Services), who inspire us, tell our story through their devices. Here, we share partner-led influencer testimonials. 

Content marketing has been a key pillar for driving engagement locally. We have a robust digital presence, with over 1M+ very loyal & engaged audience on Facebook. We have over 34K followers on Dolby India Twitter handle & also see a lot of organic traction on our Instagram page. 

Are there any recent prominent trends that you can tell us about in the tech communication space?

Content is being created and consumed in newer formats and in more languages than ever before. Entertainment is being consumed on-the-go, be it movies or original shows on various streaming platforms or music. In fact, increased smartphone adoption and internet penetration have contributed significantly to this increased demand for entertainment. Also, the amalgamation of audio-video technology with the art of storytelling go hand in hand to give storytellers the ability and power to create a memorable experience for audiences.

Could you tell us something about the present market share of Dolby in the audio tech space?

Dolby has a unique approach of working across the ecosystem — starting with content creation, providing the tools and the know-how to content creators to distributors to ensure that the content is delivered with these enhanced experiences. We work with OEM partners to ensure that the devices are enabled with Dolby technology to deliver an immersive sound & visual experience to consumers in their living rooms, at work or on the go. This involves solving several key challenges, roadblocks in enabling the entire ecosystem. Providing a 360-degree entertainment experience to consumers across different screens sets Dolby apart in the market.



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