Gerety Awards 2019: LOLA MullenLowe, McCann New York & more win the Grand Prix

Gerety Awards 2019 accords brands such as Microsoft, Nike South Africa, Ikea, Wendy’s & more and their delegated agencies for their striking campaigns.

Gerety Awards winners are this month receiving their trophies. Just 60 entries were awarded at this year’s Gerety Awards, so a huge congratulations goes out to the first ever winners chosen by the Gerety Jury which is redefining the standard of advertising through the female vision.

The winning work sets the benchmark for the highest standard in creativity.

The Gerety Awards is named for Frances Gerety, the copywriter who, in the 1940s, wrote the now-famous line “A diamond is forever”. The statue is designed around the creation of a diamond and is called the “Fire Trophy” which represents the original flames, where carbon burns for a diamond to be born, just like the restless flames of creatives searching for originality and essentialism.

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Handmade and specially crafted Gerety Awards Fire Trophy! The trophy created by artists Carla Bossi and Francesc Fusté from TXTarte in Barcelona is a unique original prize given to the winners.

Carla says: “As sculptors and set designers, we always wanted to create a trophy that would honor its winners but also become an artwork that would be with them in their everyday lives. The offer from Gerety was a challenge, so many things have already been done. Diamonds, ideas, search, burn, obstacles, imagination and hard work. Creativity is hard work. You have to chew, crush, be brave and not be afraid of being hurt.



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