Google India launches AdSense in Marathi 

To provide support to AdSense in Marathi is a step to building accessibility in Indian languages. Other languages include Hindi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu.

Building on the support for Indian language for ad solutions, Google India announced support for Marathi for Google AdSense. With this launch, Google has now scaled up its support for five Indian language advertising covering Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu and now Marathi. AdSense in Marathi is a step up to create internet inclusivity.

With 83.1 million Marathi speakers in the world, content creators and publishers can now easily monetize the content they create in Marathi, and advertisers can connect to a Marathi speaking audience with relevant ads from across the globe.

According to Shalini Girish, Director — Google Customer Solutions, Google India, “Over the past few years, we have been working towards making our advertising products support Indian languages. With this launch, we now have support for five of the popularly spoken languages in India — it will help publishers and advertisers to create more content in the language and help advertisers connect with their users in local Indian languages seamlessly.”

To start monetizing your Marathi content website with Google AdSense:

  1. Check the AdSense Program policies and make sure your site is compliant.
  2. Sign up for an AdSense account
  3. Add the AdSense code to start displaying relevant ads to your users.

Please visit the AdWords help centre to set up and run search or display campaigns.



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