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Who is Posterscope? Posterscope is an out of home communications agency and a part of Dentsu Aegis Network. We combine insight, data, technology, capabilities, and people to create compelling, creative and quantifiable solutions that make a meaningful difference to businesses and brands. The agency enables brands to navigate the complex, location-based marketing landscape with ease, develop dynamic and integrated communications and build rewarding customer relationships.
Haresh Nayak leads the India and South East Asia business. Being agile, transparent and collaborative is his secret to a successful business. What’s in the name? Posterscope is the scope around a poster. OOH being one of the oldest media, still has so much potential and so much more to explore, hence making this an evergreen medium. No ad-skipping and no ad block, only pure messaging. Isn’t that want brands want today? What do we do? We deliver performance across Out of Home planning and buying, both domestically and internationally. We also provide advanced research, rich consumer data and GIS analytics skills, specialized programmatic digital OOH services and expertise in mobile and broader location-based marketing, this has not only strengthened the OOH business but has established data dominance in its diverse offerings like Shopper Marketing, Influencer Marketing, CSR consultancy service as well as in the Smart city initiatives. Location-Based Marketing Expertise Our interrogation of numerous location data sources and the use of a range of analytics tools gives us an in-depth understanding of where people are across a diverse range of media environments, and how to communicate with them most effectively. Technology and Tools Consumer Analytics – Our OOH Survey OCS (Out-of-Home Consumer Study) is the largest single source consumer survey measuring attitudes and behaviors in the OOH space. OOH Zone- With the integration of more than 130+ data points as well as the integration of the brand’s data, it helps to perform Consumer Analytics through heat maps, affinity touchpoint mapping, traffic count, creating location clusters, etc. thereby ensuring a unique data-centric & scientific planning process. RateOOHMeter- The automated alert system notifies media buyers, in case of any media rate variability thereby helping Posterscope to provide brands to see why a site should cost as much as it does and helps them budget their campaigns properly with effective media buying. R-OOH- With ROOH, Posterscope India has collated and brought together more than 70,000+ digital screens on a single platform. The ability to deliver dynamic content in real-time, driven by highly relevant data and optimized to audience type and audience mindset, with programmatic triggers ensures effective TG targeting with minimum spillage. Print Production and Logistics –  We print, fabricate and deliver solutions across material, formats, and surfaces. Digital OOH Production – The R-OOH platform has a database through which creatives can be programmatically delivered through various triggers like time slot, location, demographics, weather, etc. Data and Analytics – Integration and leveraging the usage of various digital data like search, app usages, social media listening for OOH planning is helping create hyper-local consumer targeting and campaign strategies for some of the major brands in India. Why we do it? Although OOH is a traditional medium, it’s still one of the most preferred as it encourages effective communication between the target audience and the brand. As an organization, we believe that the beauty of this medium is that it provides brands with a highly desirable footprint in key high-demand locations, it complements a real-world experience and it’s a risk-free space to spend ad budgets, without hampering the creative possibilities. How we evolve? Reinvention is a part of our culture and belief. When we started operations in 2008 we started as an outdoor advertising company, we then moved on to be an OOH company and now we are location specialists. Our evolution as an agency is directly co-related to the evolution of the consumer and their consumption habits. The need for Social responsibility We strongly believe in supporting our local communities and the environment hence we urge our colleagues to volunteer and collaborate with our charity partners. Some notable projects include “One Day for Change” where we identify needs and align with stakeholders to deliver on requisite initiatives. #ToolsForSchoolPosterscope is another initiative where we contributed to children’s empowerment. Blood donation drives is something we initiate once every year. The need of the hour Professionalism – Being responsible and transparent is the core of every business, however even today there are a lot of players who follow an unorganized approach and take the shortcut route which eventually has an unfavorable impact on the industry. Lack of data – As the saying goes “Without data, you are another person with an opinion”. Traditionally, OOH has always been considered as a data dark medium and planning was largely done on “Gut Feel” rather than having any scientific approach to it. We, at Posterscope has challenged the status quo in the OOH media category. With the help of Data, technology, and Artificial intelligence-driven platforms, we have brought this dark monster into the light. Using different data sources and proprietary tools, we understand our audiences in the OOH environments, their ad receptivity, the frame of mind, etc. and hence the right locations clusters are identified and with the deployment of the right media mix through VAS scoring methodology enables us to ensure the right Brand KPI deliveries. We learned the hard way The influence of digital in the last decade has brought about immense change in the medium and we believe it’s our creative flair and passion to evolve that has helped us overcome this challenge seamlessly. We have used digital to challenge the concerns of the industry by bringing automation, data-driven, and idea led approach to the business. They work with us
  • Maruti Suzuki
  • Microsoft
  • Panasonic
  • Skoda
  • Sun Pharma
  • Star Suvarna
  • Canon
  • Adidas
  • Frooti
  • Parle Agro
  • HDFC Bank
  • Jaguar
  • Oppo
  • Disney
  • Behrouz Biryani
  • Mastercard to name a few
The industry as we foresee – Posterscope foresees the out of home industry claiming its rightful place as a medium that is adaptive, innovative and inventive. OOH, along with being the oldest it is now also one of the most influential mediums that can get the brand’s voice heard. It’s the ability to strike social conversations and drive earned media along with its seamless integration of AI and ML platforms will make it a go-to medium for most brands in the future. OOH will shake itself off the ‘impact only’ medium and will prove its efficacy as a medium that delivers reach, salience and awareness as well. Lastly, are you hiring? An opportunity to craft a future through career-defining work. That’s what we offer to our people. If you think that you would blend in well with our organization, drop us an email at



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