LF celebrates World Food Day to #FeedItForward

LF #FeedItForward

The organization ties up with Robin Hood Army to raise awareness on #zerohunger with the initiative.

On the occasion of World Food Day, LF has joined hands with the Robin Hood Army for an initiative to spread public awareness on hunger problems in our country through their digital platform LF and LFOriginals. Linking cultures, cuisines and people not just in India but across the globe through original content, the team at LF is promoting the message of – Each One Feed One through this initiative.

Making you rethink the way you share, #feeditforward explains that zero hunger cannot be achieved overnight and should be an ongoing process until the target of a world without malnutrition and hunger is attained. The campaign communicates and urges each one of us to join hands towards the global mission of fighting hunger.

For this campaign, LF will use a 360 approach with digital marketing via digital and social media outreach and on-ground activations. Attempting to reach out to as many offices and employees as possible, the initiative is an opportunity to channelize the plenty towards the ones with none. This World Food Day could be the force needed to execute #zerohunger. LF has created a video to the same effect which can be seen here:


According to the Food Aid Foundation, there are about 795 million people in the world who do not have enough food to lead a healthy lifestyle – that’s about 1 in 9 people on earth. 3,000 children throughout India die of malnutrition every day. Answering the very issue, LF’s initiative focuses on filling empty stomachs, with the ideology that ‘their stomachs won’t be empty if you giveaway your plenty.’

The Robin Hood Army with whom LF has tied up for this campaign is a zero funds volunteer organization that works to get food from restaurants and communities to serve the less fortunate. Through this very campaign, LF urges one and all to contact Robin Hood Army and join the movement.

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On their association with Robin Hood Army, Amit Nair, Business Head, LF says, “We are using all our platforms and the network strength to spread awareness related to this extraordinary campaign, I am positive that this will be a much-needed wake-up call to one and all to #feeditforward. Joining hands with the Robin Hood Army to serve the hungry citizens came as a natural choice to us as our belief has always been that food connects and makes bonds stronger.  The Robin Hood Army has succeeded in bringing together communities as a whole for the betterment of the human race”.

“Instead of turning to the wastebasket, if we could all make a conscious effort to reduce wastage and share the load to eradicate hunger, a real difference could be visible. A structural transformation is possible only and only if the attention is focussed on our people and the power of the community. Each one of us can bring change and make a difference.” said Faiza Dhanani, Mumbai City Co-ordinator, Robin Hood Army.

Imbibing the Robins motto of food as a platform to bring out the best of humanity, the initiative shows that every bite counts, every smile matters. This campaign aims to create a world with #zerohunger.



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