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About the Platform

Lemma platform is based on programmatic ad exchange that allows advertisers and media agencies to purchase & execute Digital out of home screens like any other display environment bought today. Simply put, the platform brings in operational efficiencies in DOOH media planning, execution & optimization, much like how web and mobile campaigns are managed these days.

Whom does it cater too?

Lemma has been built to cater to the demand of media buyers like media agencies, brands, and advertisers & to support the supply partners and media/screens, owners. We’ve currently worked with media agencies like OMD, Performics Resutrix & GroupM and have several inventory partners like Tagtalk, 24*7, Vyoma and 50 others.

What do we offer to our consumers?

Our platform has something to offer to both sets of audiences that we cater to. For Advertisers Lemma platform brings in a new avenue in the digital space to explore while for media owners it serves as an added revenue channel by providing instant access to multiple advertisers. Lemma’s Programmatic DOOH platform offers: Scale – to advertisers to select from 10,000 screens and to screen owners to work with multiple advertisers from across various verticals. Transparency – Complete transparency from a single view dashboard for campaign delivery and ad placement accessible in real-time with user log in. Data-driven approach – Robust Repository of data built with IoT beacons and third-party data sources aid in custom audience targeting thereby reducing impression wastage & provides increased fill rates. Audience insights- Exhaustive audience data is provided to the clients to deploy cross-device retargeting campaigns. Audience data to the inventory partners provides insights into the audience profiles that are exposed to their screens. In addition to this, the platform is integrated with DSPs like google DV306, Mediamath, Appnexus, and many others, allowing agencies full control to setup & deliver campaigns at their convenience.

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What Motivated us to startup?

Lemma is the brainchild of our founder Gulab Patil who was intrigued by the installations of digital billboards in the city of Pune. He then went on to understand how these systems work & identified there was a huge gap in the way DOOH media functioned. This triggered the idea of creating a platform that would transform digital out of home media into mainstream digital. Gulab saw that with smart cities’ mission & other infrastructural development the DOOH industry in India was only going to get bigger.

Currently, we are

Our current team strength is 35 members handling tech, sales, operations, business development, brand solutions & marketing. The company started with 4 founding members in mid-2017 and has been growing since. We’ve started to manage campaigns and inventory partners outside of India. Our new markets include Indonesia Malaysia, Singapore, NZ & Qatar.

Our Biggest Challenge is

Unconventional mediums always take longer to be recognized and accepted and the case is no different for DOOH advertising. Programmatic DOOH is still in its infancy with the larger market yet to understand how this medium can be used. Our efforts are channelized in educating the industry about how programmatic DOOH can be utilized as an effective medium within the digital media spectrum. In India, DOOH contributes only to 3% of the overall OOH spends, which is very little in comparison to the global average of 39%. The challenge as we see it is to scale this business & garner widespread acceptance by gaining advertiser confidence through our platform.

We want to dominate the world by                                        

Our vision is to create a platform that eliminates the divide across devices within the digital ecosystem. Lemma, in the long run, intends to transform into a platform that would facilitate the programmatic buying of all digital mediums like mobile, web & digital signage from a single source.

The Industry as we foresee

With the smart cities’ initiative in India and several other infrastructural developments across the country, DOOH would serve as a crucial medium of communication. The number of digital signages in India has grown 5X in the last 3 years and this number is only going to surge further. We intend to work with everyone in the industry, publishers, and advertisers alike & ride on the wave stimulated by this explosive growth.

Lastly, are you hiring

Not at the moment, but we are growing and would soon look to hire capable individuals to help support us with our goal.



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