Doordarshan Ads to rekindle memories this World Television Day

Doordarshan ads

Laal Kaala Peela, Gulabi Hara Neela; Lifebuoy Hai Jaha Tandurusti Hai Waha; Chutki Me Chipkaye… Doordarshan ads are here and are still alive and entertaining.

The occasion of World Television Day is incomplete without celebrating the Indian interpretation of television – Doordarshan and the advertisements that throw us in a trip down nostalgia.

Doordarshan commemorated 60 years of its existence on September 15, 2019; Doordarshan ads never fail to take us down the memory lane. We cherish the broadcaster for their telecast of information & entertainment, but Doordarshan ads initiated the golden age of television commercials and set a benchmark for the coming ages in advertising.

With these commercials, we can not only dive in the pool of nostalgia but also learn from them and get enlightened about traditional advertising.

Advertising in the age of Doordarshan was way different from the ads we see today, for obvious reasons, although key takeaways in terms of product integrations, presentation of a brand image, nuances in storytelling, (especially) grabbing attention and more would still be relevant.

The dramatic expressions, usage of compelling slogans, fusing noticeable sound effects and more of such techniques have been an integral part of this kind of advertising. Doordarshan ads were the inception of striking memorable phrases used in advertising. For instance, ‘Washing powder Nirma’, ‘Vicks Ki Goli Lo, Khich Khich Dur Karo’, Humara Bajaj, and many more.

Many of the colossal brands also formed their unforgettable brand image during this age. For example, the Amul girl being introduced in motion, Fevicol’s ‘Majboot Jod’, Parle-G’s ‘G Maane’, and more.

Brands such as Complan, Raymond, Nerolac, Lifebuoy, and many more set a tone that would go ahead and form their legacy.

Next stop – Nostalgia station

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Bajaj – Humara Bajaj


Nirma – Washing Powder Nirma


Classic Toothbrush – Laal Kaal Peela


Bajaj Bulbs – Roshni Ki Duniya Ka Sartaj


Fevicol – Furniture Ka Saathi, Jiski Nishani Hai Haathi


Fevicol – Pakde Rehna, Choddna Nahi


Fevicol – Tootega Nahi


Vicks – Vicks Ki Goli Lo Khich-Khich Dur Karo


Lifebuoy – Lifebuoy Hai Jaha Tandurusti Hai Waha


Nerolac Paints – Nerolac Nerolac


Parle-G – G Maane?


Nescafe – The Taste That Gets You Started


Raymond – Feels Like Raymond


Lijjat Papad – Karram Kurram


Pears Soap


Surf Ultra – Dhoondte Reh Jaoge


Luna – Safalta Ki Sawaari


Complan – I’m A Complan Girl/Boy


Bru – Bru Se Hoti Hai Kushiya Shuru


Amul – Utterly-Butterly Delicious


Liril – The Freshness Soap


Alpenliebe – Jab Alpenliebe Ho Paas, Toh Sa Kuch Maaf


Dhara – Anokhi Shudhta Anokha Asar


Milkybar – Milkybar, Give Me The Power


Cadbury – Roast Almond


Frooti – How Fresh Can You Get?


ECE Bulbs – Bhool Na Jana ECE Bulb Lana


And just to finish the nostalgia ride here’s a glimpse of one of our favourite TV shows, Dekh Bhai Dekh…

If we have missed out on any of your favorite Doordarshan ads, write to us at or let us know in the comments below.



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