Hike launches customisable avatars with HikeMoji in 9 languages


Hike users will get access to over 100 exclusive stickers of their HikeMoji in any of the 7 regional languages in addition to English and Hindi.

Using Hike Sticker Chat app, users can now take a selfie that then gets converted into a base emoji on top of which users can begin to customize theirs. The HikeMoji can be personalized with over a thousand components, many of which are hyperlocal built just for the Indian audience. Once the emoji is ready, the app automatically generates over 100 exclusive HikeMoji Stickers that are only available to that user based on the language of their choice. These stickers can also be shared across social media platforms.

“One of our principles with HikeMoji is that it’s 60% you and 40% who you’d love to be. The artwork is key to making this work. People need to feel that this is them, so we’ve ensured that the HikeMojis feel relatable but they’re also aspirational. Behind the scenes, all of this comes to life through Machine Learning. It’s at the intersection of both Art & ML that we’re able to bring such novel and unique experiences to life, said, Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder & CEO, Hike.

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HikeMoji is created using advanced Computer Vision and deep neural networks. This enables the platform to search around 100 trillion combinations of facial shape and colour features to create HikeMoji & HikeMoji Stickers reflecting the user’s looks within a few seconds. With hundreds of HikeMoji Stickers of themselves to choose from, machine learning & natural language processing play a key role in enabling easy discovery & apt sticker recommendations for each user across a total of 9 languages, including Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi and English.



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