MevoFit appoints Mandira Bedi as brand ambassador

Mandira Bedi

In collaboration with Mandira Bedi, MevoFit aims to help spread awareness and call onto existing & potential fitness enthusiasts for the brand.

MevoFit announced Mandira Bedi as its brand ambassador recently. The brand along with Bedi will help in spreading awareness and calling onto existing and potential fitness enthusiasts that would further regulate their fitness regimes in a better manner.

Khyati Mahajan, Founder & CEO, MevoFit said, “Mandira is an actor, celebrity, cricket commentator and a very active and fit person, keeping up with her busy schedules, and a hyperactive mom, who can play many different roles with the absolute energy levels she holds, it’s amazing”

She also added, “our association with Mandira Bedi is exciting and promising to encourage and instill the effort to catapult everyone into fitness”.

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Speaking on the collaboration Mandira Bedi said, “I am super excited about this new tie-up and love the product range of MevoFit. With the advanced features and user-friendly interface of their wearables, one can easily follow a fitness regime and keep track of their health. Staying fit has always been my mantra, and I’d love people to follow it endlessly”.

The Smart Products are powered by the MevoFit App platform that goes deep into Health and Fitness guidance, with experts’ help too from Dieticians, Coaches, Doctors, and others.



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