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Who are we?

Wishbox Studio is a multidisciplinary boutique PR and Communication Design agency with offices in Delhi and Mumbai. Our team is a mix of 25 young and experienced professionals. We started the company in 2010 just after our marriage with a vision to create a boutique agency that fulfils the creative and editorial driven wishes of its clients within the stipulated timeline.

What’s in the name?

We are alchemists with our ideas and we love the slow and steady process of evolving an idea into a fully functional creative campaign. We marinade all our ideas with tons of patience, peppered with out-of-the-box thinking, for that final crisp execution that is a feast for the senses.

What we do?

As a boutique PR & Design Firm, we focus on specialized work for a limited client list. Besides this, our dynamic and energetic team members help in customizing services.

  • Publication Design
  • Brand Activation and Identity
  • Naming, Identity, and Logo Design
  • Brand Positioning, Activation, and Campaigns
  • System & Guides
  • Creative Direction
  • Content Production
  • Publication Design
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Marketing Collaterals
  • Corporate Presentations and Decks
  • User Experience and Interface Design (UX/UI) and Development
  • Product/Service Strategy and Design
  • Consumer and Market Research
  • User Experience and Interface Design
  • Wire-framing, Prototyping, and User Testing
  • Transitions, Interactions, and Micro-interactions
  • Game Design, 3D, and Animation

Why we do it?

We were all quantifying hard-earned coverage in relation to advertising value rather than consumer actions or business results, despite this still being our end goal.

As PR professionals, we know that it takes a very special ad to get people talking and sharing organically.  Word of mouth, the most valuable marketing, is what great PR does every day.

We create stories that engage and get people talking: first the journalist or influencer; then their audiences, our consumer.

How we evolve?

PR industry evolves every month. Continuous research, reading and tapping a similar industry abroad helps to evolve in the ever-changing PR industry. What is evitable is change hence it is important that at times we unlearn what we had learnt and do not shy away from adopting new rules and changes.

Design is a very dynamic industry and over the years the pace has become exponentially faster. We have to keep up with the technology in print and web, which definitely affects the outcome of both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. India, from a design perspective, is nascent and far behind its international counterparts, and therefore we always have to play the catch-up game because as a market we are limited by our own set parameters and inability to take risks, hence we pick up trends rather than staying a step ahead.

Social responsibility in Public Relations and Communication Design

There are multiple NGO’s that are doing exemplary work which does not make it to the news due to the lack of funds from their end. PR agencies should make a separate wing dedicated to working at a subsidized quote for such organizations. Media relation is a powerful tool, which the PR can use to help someone in need.

The Design wing at Wishbox Studio has been working with CSR and development sector for over 8 years now.

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Need of the hour

The need of the hour is to organize the highly unorganized “influencer segment”. In the PR domain, the work culture at some agencies is unsatisfactory, thus deterring many talented youngsters to enter this domain.

Design is the core of any product today. The design should no longer be seen as a separate discipline, it is not independent of the functioning of any business, hence design needs to get a seat on the table for every business. The term ‘design-centric’ is redundant in contemporary society, design thinking should be a part of every society and culture.

We learned the hard way

It is difficult to sustain your client in the media and we do this by sending new pitches every month as media needs fresh news every day!

Did we just share that?                    

We have plenty of such instances, seldom irrational demands add on to the stress but then after some days, you laugh at it. Once there was a kids’ wear brand that demanded to be featured in the glossy fashion magazines of the country. They wanted us to challenge the editorial calendar and pitch in kids wear to one of the country’s top fashion stylists.

We often get funny requests, once in an e-mailer we had to put an event picture with very high profile people, in that the key person had his eyes closed and unfortunately that was the only image of the event they had, and we actually ended up copy-pasting open eyes from another image on this person. We still laugh about that.

They work with us

  • Hospitality- SIMBA, Drunken Monkey, Biryani By Kilo, Viet:nom, Anglow, Massive Restaurants, Unique Hospitality
  • Art & Culture – Artery India, European Union Film Festival, La Biennale
  • Start-Ups – Zomato, Toffee Insurance, Zivame, Nykaa, Voylla, Karma Recycling
  • Luxury Retail – B&O, Berluti, Molton Brown, Creed, Mathieu Lustrerie
  • CSR/Social Service- Svayam, ILSS, Disha (UNDP), ANCHAL (UNDP), Support to Ganga Rejuvenation (GIZ), Her&Now (GIZ)
  • Events- UNESCO MGIEP, St. Moritz Ice Cricket, Hero Mindmine Summit, Heartwork Tattoo Festival, India Hospitality Expo and Tasting India Symposium, European Union Film Festival

Industry as we foresee

The war between print and digital will become fiercer in future with the former adapting to the new age way of consuming news. In the coming years, the print media will shrink but the online space will make way for more news and industry portals. Having said that, the print media offering quality news will never get extinct.

I have seen awareness of design in general increased over the years, more and more people now care and want to invest in design especially communication, graphics and UI/UX. The market has opened up for more experiments and the appetite for ‘different’ has actually increased, which was a few years back a word with really no meaning.

A day without Internet

PR: We will be reading magazines or will be out meeting the media.

Design: Will be quite a relief actually, we all will be more productive to be honest (not for social media professionals). Maybe we will step out and do some street photography or play with real material.



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