Burger King Vs Mcdonalds: Ads fried in a flaming feud

burger king vs mcdonalds

Get a taste of one of the biggest advertising rivalries, Burger King vs McDonald’s – the clown’s roast and the King’s grill.

The battle Burger King vs Mcdonalds is older than the dirt on the battlefield. Mcdonald’s and Burger King launched around the same time, 1955 & 1954 respectively.

While both brands’ products are distinct in taste and appearance, them being from the same sector – Fast Food and them launching around the same time has arisen unavoidable competitiveness.

Fast Food Sector does not brace much innovation because of the products being limited to burgers, fries, and beverages. As a result of this and the factors mentioned hitherto, Burger King and McDonald’s have engaged in a rivalry spanning over six decades to gain the lion’s share of the Fast Food sector worldwide.

Both of the brands are of reputable stature, with ample resources to support flamboyant advertising with a global presence. Over the years, Burger King Vs McDonald’s has become an online crusade in itself and is one of the frequently discussed topics. The feud has bred several pieces of user-generated content too.

One of the most popular being from the 14.6 million strong YouTube Channel: Epic Rap Battles – Ronald McDonald vs The Burger King. It has also inspired several food channels to do competitive reviews, ASMR videos, and memes.

Ronald McDonald Vs The Burger King – Epic Rap Battles

Food Review



burger king vs mcdonalds

burger king vs mcdonalds


While its unclear whose products win the battle, Burger King clearly wins the advertising battle. They have been more dominant, more consistent, and more witty. Even at times when McDonald’s would roast Burger King by sliding in their better offerings, BK would come back with a griller.

Burger King has left no form of media, indoor or outdoor, they have also been innovative with the use of technology and have used everything from a flame griller to Augmented Reality.

Tracking the who’s and when’s of this rivalry is a perplexing task. But one of the firsts can be traced back to the ’80s.

In a 1986 Burger King commercial, the brand appeals to consumers to choose them over McDonald’s because they know how burgers should be.

We Know How Burgers Should Be – Burger King

In 2002, The brand launched a campaign showing Ronald Mcdonald eating from Burger King discreetly.

McDonald’s boasted about their presence with over 1000 McDrives with an OOH campaign. With two billboards beside each other one directing to McDonald’s five kilometers away and other directing to Burger King 258 kilometers away.

McDonald’s Is Closer to You – McDonald’s

Burger King replied to the roast with a grill by launching a campaign showing consumers purchasing coffee from McDonald’s to gear up for their drive to a Burger King.

It Was Not Even So Far – Burger King

Halloween is Burger King’s favorite season to grill McDonald’s. In 2016, they dressed a New York outlet as the scariest ghost they could turn into – the ghost of McDonald’s.

The Scariest Burger King – Burger King

In 2017, Burger King launched a campaign offering a free Whopper sandwich to everyone coming dressed as a clown on Halloween.

#ScaryClownNight – Burger King

The brand launched the campaign ‘The Gift Of Fire’ in the holiday season of 2017. The campaign shows the brand’s mascot – The King conveying a holiday gift to McDonald’s outlet. And the gift turned out to be a flame griller nd a hoarding saying “Now You can Flame Grill Too”.

The Gift Of Fire – Burger King

Burger King UK launched a campaign confessing a Whopper secret. To prove that their burger is more generous than the “other” burger, they placed a Big Mac behind every Whopper advertised in the UK in 2019.

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#WhopperSecret – Burger King

#EscapeTheClown – Burger King

A feature in the Burger King app let consumers scan an ad in a magazine placed at a McDonald’s outlet. Once consumers did that they would get a Whopper for one cent. They said they were lovin’ it.

Burger King once used augmented reality to ‘burn’ McDonald’s ads. They launched a feature in their app that upon scanning a McDonalds ad burns it. They also offered a free Whopper to everyone using the feature.

McDonald’s launched a campaign showing a kid getting bullied and his McMeal being stolen. The kid dealt with the bullies by baiting them with a Burger King front.

I’m Lovin’ It – McDonald’s

In 2017, Burger King hijacked the German Pre-Premiere of the horror movie ‘It’ and grilled the clown by turning the screening of the movie ‘It’ into the longest ad ever.


One of Burger King’s campaigns grilling McDonald’s even managed to score a Mobile Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival Of Creativity.

The Whopper Detour


burger king vs mcdonalds

The Secret Whopper

burger king vs mcdonalds

The Silly Whopper

burger king vs mcdonalds

McDonald’s roasts its neighbor.

Burger King grills back.

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#CreativeSpot: A few days ago, @burgerking Belgium was surprised to discover that @mcdonalds Belgium was installing an outdoor advertising panel right next to its new restaurant in Brussels asking customers if they preferred to be “served by a King or served as a King”. A great opportunity for the King of #WHOPPER to meet his historical competitor, through a giant panel on the front of his new restaurant: “Why try to roast when you can’t even flame grill?” By playing on the double meaning of the word “roast”, BURGER KING Belgium reminds McDonald’s Belgium that it’s never a good idea to rib the king of the flame. #BurgerKing #McDonalds#MomentMarketing #Viral #Belgium#OOH #Advertising #instafood #fun#followforfollowback #creative

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#MondayMood Of Burger King

Burger King India continues the rivalry by taking a shot while tapping a spot.


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? #HaveAJoke #TopicalSpot

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While Burger King has dominated the burger war on the grounds of advertising, they have also raised the white flag a couple of times.

On Peace Day 2015 they proposed a Burger War ceasefire with McDonald’s and proposed a McWhopper, as both brands have substantial influence and BK aimed to inspire real-world change. McDonald’s eventually declined the proposal.

#McWhopperProposal – Burger King

Once Burger King held back on serving Whopper to support McDonald’s cause to raise money for kids fighting cancer.



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