In-depth: How OnePlus’ Red Cable Christmas Campaign garnered 24.4M impressions on Twitter

OnePlus Red Cable Christmas Campaign

In conversation with  Media Samosa, Vikas Agarwal, General Manager, OnePlus India puts the spotlight on the making of OnePlus Red Cable Christmas Campaign and the brand’s community-building strategy. 

Christmas 2019 had OnePlus India spreading cheer to its community in the form of Red Cable Christmas campaign. The smartphone brand collaborated with a non-profit organization- Rotary International to bring out the idea of making Christmas more meaningful for its users’ live.

OnePlus wanted to make this festival more experiential in nature so that it could touch many more lives and bring about a positive impact. This community-driven thinking to land a larger influence on society is what birthed the Red Cable Christmas. Launched on 23rd December, the initiative had been designed with an objective to spread festive cheer and positivity across the nation.

OnePlus sought to bring about a lasting positive experience for lesser privileged communities in India, by taking inclusive measures to have them be part of the festive Christmas experience. For every tweet from OnePlus and other users present on Twitter with #redcablechristmas, the brand gave presents to underprivileged families and children.

The company also installed a Christmas tree at Mumbai’s shopping mall, High Street Phoenix, offering visitors a chance to participate in Red Cable Christmas. Loaded with gifts, the Christmas tree instantly dropped down two presents for every tweet tagging #redcablechristmas.

While the first present consisted of OnePlus goodies meant for the participant, the second gift was a giveaway comprising of educational items for underprivileged children. It also contained an empty tweet template for the user to add their own personalized message. These presents were to be then dropped off in Gratitude Boxes placed across all OnePlus Experience Stores in the country, and which were available till 1st January 2020.

Upon its launch, the company claims that the #redcablechristmas campaign already became one of the top trending hashtags on Twitter within just a few hours of its launch.

The Insight 

Post the OnePlus Diwali campaign where the company drove a more global, positive sentiment around Diwali, for Christmas, it wanted to do something experiential that would have a lasting impact long after the festivities ended.

Vikas Agarwal, General Manager, OnePlus India shared,  “As we’d just unveiled our Red Cable Club initiative that aims to amplify our user-centric brand philosophy and give back to our community, we hope to extend this season of joy and gifting with a sincere effort to make an actual difference during the festive season”.

Campaign Objective & Response

With this campaign, OnePLus wanted to go beyond just digital and engage with customers offline as well and is extremely happy with the outcome. Over the course of the campaign, between 24 December 2019 – 6 January 2020, the Red Cable Club, which has been introduced on 24 December, acquired a user base of 1 million from among our 5 million strong audience in India. As a result of the campaign, the brand was able to bring the joy of Christmas to 17,500 underprivileged children who received gifts on behalf of our users.

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“Once we finalised on the core concept and goal of the Christmas campaign, the rest of the elements fell into place quite seamlessly,” said Agarwal. The brand partnered with Rotary to create a lasting change for lesser privileged communities across the globe, including India, to gift a lesser privileged individual or child for every tweet from its users and Twitter users at large, containing the hashtag #redcablechristmas.

OnePlus members also had the option to drop off the second present or a present of their choice with a personal note in gratitude boxes placed at 21 OnePlus Experience Centers across 9 cities till 1 January 2020.

The second phase of the campaign helped increase the overall impact and allowed us to bring a smile to more children this festive season.

The Digital Peg

Since the brand’s inception, Agarwal informs that OnePlus has built its community online as it allows for active two-way communication between the brand and its audience and empowers users to voice their opinions, feedback, and suggestions on a real-time basis. “We have successfully partnered with Twitter in the past for digital campaigns and decided to collaborate with them again to bring the OnePlus Red Cable Christmas Campaign to a larger audience,” he added.

According to the company, the hashtag #RedCableChristmas organically trended on Twitter and the overall sentiment was 98.93 % positive. It received an engagement of 722.3K with an engagement rate of 3% and 24.4M impressions on Twitter.

Banking on Community Building 

OnePlus’ community has been at the core of its journey over the years and has grown exponentially to become one of the most engaged, enthusiastic and driven communities with over 5 million members, as per the company.

“We are well connected with our users through social media and online channels like our forums. In addition to that, we conduct events like Open Ears forum where we directly connect with our community and seek valuable product feedback, which helps us further enhance our future offerings,” highlighted Agarwal.

The company also curates properties especially for its user community such as #ShotonOnePlus Academy, OnePlus’ college ambassador program and even the recent OnePlus Music Festival that was the first of its kind music extravaganza.

The core of OnePlus’ marketing strategy is word-of-mouth, irrespective of what the brand does on digital or any other platform. Agarwal explained further, “We strive to maintain an open channel of communication with our users who in turn then share their experiences as well as feedback and on how our products have meaningfully changed their lives. This has helped us build our brand and become the leading premium technology company in India in just five years”.

Going forward, OnePlus would like to continue creating memorable and meaningful experiences for the community through tech, music and beyond. “This is just the beginning of our experiment that would lead to bigger things in the future,” exclaimed Agarwal.

Road to 2020

True to it’s ‘Never Settle’ spirit, the brand will continue building more innovative technology and creating best-in-class experiences for its users by bringing the latest tech to them and being amongst the first to do so.

On the growth front, Agarwal commented, “Over the last few quarters, our growth and impact on the premium market has helped drive growth in the premium market as a whole. We are confident of perpetuating this trend over the course of 2020. We look forward to creating immersive on-ground experiences such as OnePlus Music Festival for our community as they are central to everything we do”.

Additionally, the company plans to invest more in offline to give customers a more hands-on, premium experience with the brand and aim to expand to 5000+ offline stores by 2020 with a presence in the top 50 cities in India.




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