WolfzHowl and Leapfrog Strategy form a strategic partnership

Leapfrog and WolfzHowl

WolfzHowl Strategic Instigations enters into an alliance with a Semiotics specialist firm, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting aiming to bring about brand strategy solutions.

WolfzHowl Strategic Instigations, founded by Kalyan Ram Challapalli enters into an alliance with a Semiotics specialist firm, Leapfrog Strategy Consulting. Given this new marketing era, both partners in the alliance believe that new thinking, specialized know-how, and collaborations are the future of brand strategy solutions.

Kalyan Challapalli, Founder, Wolfzhowl Strategic Instigations said, “Interrogation of culture and consumer behavior from a multitude of dimensions and with greater depth, it is essential in the post-digital world, to create a lasting impact. Semiotics is often thought of as an esoteric application in marketing and relegated to “also good to do”. WolfzHowl believes that this needs to change. We want to help clients shape their brand-consumer relationships more effectively by taking semiotics into their everyday work.”

“We enter a new marketing era in 2020.  In 2019, 12,000 brands used TV, 2 Lakh brands advertised on print and the number of brands that put money on digital was over a million! Digital has not quite taken off TV’s share (and sheen) but has been additive in customer consumption habits.

It has increased today’s marketer’s touchpoints (rather screens and screen time) for the same customer and yet it has made the job far harder than ever with the democratization of consumer journey and choices,” he further added.

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Hamsini Shivakumar, Founder of Leapfrog Strategy said, “Globally, it is proven that Semiotics is central to brand strategy. We are delighted to partner with the diverse and passionate team of Wolfzhowl to demonstrate the power of semiotics for brands in impacting consumer behavior while drawing from culture.”

She further added, “The days when brilliant advertising campaigns were the only basis for defining and building brands are over. Everything communicates and brands use a wide range of media platforms to get their message and image out to consumers.

Brand purpose, mass personalization and customer experience have grown in importance.  In such a scenario, tools and frameworks of thought built in the FMCG, TVC, creative campaign dominated world is passé.  Brands need much more intellectual horsepower of various kinds, to live up to their potential for creating value for businesses.”



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