Case Study: How GoAir Diwali leveraged Diwali activation to create digital engagement

GoAir Diwali

GoAir leveraged the festive spirit around Diwali with an in-aircraft activation that translated into digital chatter. The Case Study decodes the campaign execution.

As an airline brand, GoAir aims to position itself as the go-to airline on all occasions. To establish this facet for the brand, the airline planned a surprise Diwali for its passengers at 30,000 feet. Here’s a look at the case study.

Category Introduction

Given that people in India are value-conscious, it’s no surprise that the penetration of low-cost carriers (LCCs) in the domestic aviation market is arguably one of the highest in the world. The Indian market for low-cost carriers (LCCs) is expected to double by FY23, riding on rising incomes, tourism, and a shift to air from the rail.

Interestingly, the high-growth market serviced by the low-cost carriers in India is the third-largest globally, as suggested in a study by Goldman Sachs.

Brand Introduction

Go Airlines (India) Ltd. is an aviation foray of the Wadia Group. It operates under the brand GoAir. In November 2005, GoAir launched its operations as a low-fare carrier to commoditize air travel and offer airline seats at a marginal premium to train fares across India. The airline currently operates over 325+ daily flights and carried around 13.27 lakh passengers in the month of September 2019. GoAir has flown 77 million passengers since its inception and it aims to touch the 100 million passenger mark in the next two years. GoAir flies to 25 domestic destinations and 8 international destinations.

The brand is positioned as ‘the Smart People’s Airline’. Its theme, ‘Fly Smart’ is aimed at offering passengers a consistent, quality-assured and time-efficient service through ‘pocket-friendly’ fares.


For the sector that GoAir operates in, it is imperative to have a top of the mind recall amongst the target audiences. It is known that promotions pertaining to discounts and new destinations is a commonplace on-brand social media pages. Celebrating moments including festivities in the lives of the audiences abets emotional connection with GoAir.

Also, not only current but also prospect flyers are the key targets for the brand. Hence, interactive communication across social media platforms is created in such a way that it appeals to both.

The objective of GoAir’s social media activation is to bring awareness and enable flyers and travelers to enjoy the task of planning and booking their travel well in advance.


It was just another day for the passengers of GoAir as they were boarding the Mumbai bound flight from Delhi on the eve of Diwali.  Little did they know, there was a surprise in store for them.

The cabin crew, on completion of its mandatory task of ensuring the safety and comfort of each passenger on the aircraft, took the initiative to light over 180 fireless (LED) lamps, 30,000 feet above the ground to celebrate the festival of lights with all on-broad.

This act lightened up people of all ages; thereby creating warm memories of celebrating Diwali at even 30,000 feet height.



Problem Statement/Objective

Diwali is the festival of lights and is the time for celebration and spending quality time with family/ loved ones. However, a lot of people miss out on this celebration because of their travel schedule and are away from their loved ones on this occasion.

In order to bring the festivities alive for these travelers, GoAir decided to celebrate this special festival of lights 30,000 feet up in the air.  The brand’s core aim was to create an unforgettable flying experience for its customers.


To curate a campaign that will create a feel-good moment for GoAir passengers flying on Diwali eve. GoAir wanted to make each passenger feel a part of the festivities this Diwali by involving them in the celebrations onboard.

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Creative Idea

Keeping in mind the festival of Diwali as the festival of lights, the team came up with an in-flight activity of lighting fire-less diyas, celebrating the festival of lights 30,000 ft up in the air with passengers on board.


Since Diwali is the festival of lights, it was clearly unsafe to light fire lamps. To achieve the desired response at 30,000 feet where time and safety was of the essence.

Time was a constraint as the activity could be carried out only post-meal services. The crew had to manually get 100 diyas to be lit for each passenger.


The campaign was executed on all GoAir Social media handles Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube.



The celebration video was shared on five social media platforms of GoAir- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Showcasing the surprise & joy of people celebrating Diwali 30,000 feet above sea-level, the video received an incredible response organically.

The video gained the highest traction on Facebook, followed by Instagram in the Indian airline space. The activity garnered views of 426k on Facebook and reach of over 60,300 on Instagram.

CMO Quote

Shabnam Syed, Vice President, Marketing & Ecommerce at GoAir says, “Driving customer delight in all our interactions is key to GoAir. Be it sales, promotions or festivals and special occasions that our customers look forward to, we believe a memorable experience is key to customer satisfaction and repeat sales.

Digital media is the main mode of communication in the airline sector. Given its growing impact and reach, what better way to celebrate, interact and spread the joy on Diwali than with hundreds of diyas 30,000 feet above the ground and in doing so bring smiles that light up the faces of our passengers.”



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