MTV Insights Studio presents Youth mindset & behavior report

MTV Insights Studio - Mera Bharat Amazeballs

The report covers insights from over 25,000+ youngsters across 400+ towns.

With 600 million people below the age of 25, India is home to one of the youngest populations in the world. MTV Insights Studio unveils the 2020 edition of Mera Bharat Amazeballs, a study that focuses on the changing mindsets of Indian youth who seem to be determined to making India great again.

Speaking about the need of an in-depth study on youth behavior, Ferzad Palia, Head – Voot Select, Youth, Music & English Entertainment Viacom18 said, “For over 2 decades, MTV has led the way in understanding the pulse of its young audience and has been a pop culture icon. Deep consumer insights and continuous engagement with our audience are at the heart of how we‘ve managed to lead trends over decades. We’re proud to share our learnings with the world.”

The MTV Youth Insights Study reflects the choices and preferences that define young India. Going by its title, the study explores the multi-dimensional and conscientious facets of the youth – highlighting their belief in a new India. Going local and thinking global is now the emergent code of new-age cool.

From 78% of young people putting more onus on the family over career to 83% preferring to work in their hometowns, the case study covers insights from 25,000 + youngsters across 400+ cities between the age of 15 – 25 years. The five key themes of the study are – ‘Make India Great Again’, ‘Bharat = India’, ‘Girl on Top’, ‘Thank God Its Family’ and ‘I am Who I am’.

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Commenting on the change in youth’s mindsets, Navin Shenoy, Head of Marketing -Youth, Music and English Entertainment, Viacom18 said “Mera Bharat Amazeballs is an inward look into the changing demographics of young India and brings to light what makes them tick and what ticks them off. Despite being a generation high on social media, the youth today is passionate, positive and action-oriented committed to creating a society, where everyone matters. These insights are relevant to the entire ecosystem that caters to the ever-evolving consumption cycle of youth.”

A quick snapshot of the report and its impact on industries:

Make India Great Again

Highlighting their values, goals, ambitions, and anxieties, the report encapsulates how ‘armchair’ activism is no longer in the Indian youth glossary. Over the last few years, a whopping 81% of millennials have actively participated in local activities like beach clean-ups, tree plantation drives, carpools and even government-driven initiatives like Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan. In view of the cases in Unnao and Kathua, 79% of youth feel that the safety of women is still not given enough importance in the country.

Impact on consumer industries: Homegrown consumer retail, fashion, ecommerce, logistics.

Bharat = India

64% of the non-metro youth state that they would prefer working in their hometowns to make money and not move to another city. Also, 67% of the non-metro youth believe that everything they need is equally available in metros and small towns.

Impact on consumer industries: Telecom, e-commerce, mobile phones, connected devices, hyperlocal marketplaces, logistics, and local food & fashion.

Girl on Top

As per the Mera Bharat Amazeballs study, 94% of women believe that boys and girls should adhere to the same rules in a relationship against a number of 64% on the same parameter in 2016. 53% of women have advocated for their parents being modern in their attitude against 36% of men. Moving beyond the realms of homemaking, women today are decision-makers with 84% admitting that their opinions are valued in the family.

Impact on consumer industries: Fashion, cosmetics, personal care, household appliances, BFSI, and automobiles.

Thank God It’s Family

Arranged marriage is becoming more acceptable with 60% of young India preferring it as they believe that their parents know them and hence also understand what’s good for them. Also, 81% say they’ll be happy to stay with their parents or in-laws post marriage. Arranged marriages, joint families, choosing family over a career are increasingly gaining ground amongst youth today with family being a driving force in defining their choices.

Impact on consumer industries: Entertainment, home appliances, BFSI products, F&B, Dining

I am Who I am

MTV Mera Bharat Amazeballs found that acceptance has also surfaced around gender definition with 71% of youngsters extending support for homosexuality. 75% of the youth today want to do something meaningful with their lives while 83% believe that pursuing a passion is more important than money.

Impact on consumer industries: Entertainment, cult lifestyle brands, recycled/up-cycled retail brands, travel & tourism, wellness.

In this edition, MTV deployed three parameters to understand the new emerging face of young India. Starting with self-perspective which included talking to masses, the study proceeded to content perspective which assessed the youth through the lens of content they consume. Last came the ringside perspective comprising anecdotes from people who have seen youth evolve over the years – parents, teachers, HR professionals, psychiatrists, etc. Qualitative partners for the research are Third Eye Qualitative Researchers and Quantitative Research Partner, Juxt Smart Mandate.



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