Kawal Shoor from ‘The Womb’ to be part of a jury at Asian EFFIES, 2020

Kawal Shoor, The Womb

Kawal Shoor, Planner and Founding Partner at The Womb is announced to be a part of select member team of marketing and communications professionals for jury duties at the Asian EFFIES, this 2020

Kawal Shoor, Planner and Founding Partner at The Womb, joins a select set of Indian marketing and communications professionals invited to do jury duties at the Asian EFFIES, this spring. Asian EFFIES are recognized as the gold standard of effectiveness awards shows in Asia. Judging will conclude in Singapore by the end of March.

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“Going back again this year. You get to see and learn from the best work across Asia, and Australia. I’m so looking forward to pulling out the large, business and brand-building work, from a lot of short-term, gimmick-based work that is now entered and masquerades as effective pieces at various ad festivals.

We need to add heft and gravitas to our industry, and only by identifying, recognizing and celebrating big work that is incontestable for its performance can we do that,” says Kawal Shoor.



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