Food trends are fueled & validated on social media: Amit Nair, Living Foodz, ZEEL

Amit Nair

As Living Foodz explores various dimensions of Food & Lifestyle, we get in conversation with Amit Nair to understand food & lifestyle content trends.

Living Foodz delves into food, travel and entertainment through a culinary lens. Amit Nair, Vice President & Business Head of Living Foodz sheds light on the content-curation process, strategy, and on leveraging digital for the channel. Excerpts Please take us through the content curation process for the platform is a platform whose USP is lifestyle content. While food stories are our forte, the platform has diversified into travel, health and nutrition, relationships and pop culture.
  • We view our travel, wellness and health sections through the lens of food with stories that explore lesser-known destinations. Exploring the cuisine and culture of a place is a huge part of travel experiences, which helps our stories stand out from the clutter.
  • The health and wellness section offers a perspective on relatable, contemporary and urban issues. We contribute to this segment with nutrition advice and weight loss tips, health news, and trends, healthy recipes and ideas that are easy, actionable and expert-backed.
  • We also write about people who are in the news—chefs, influencers and entrepreneurs, celebs, industry heads. Updates regarding happening events, new launches and reviews are key stories that form the week’s must-reads.
  • On you can read long-form stories, watch recipe videos, read restaurant reviews, browse through listicles, watch and read how-to videos + articles, read and watch interviews, and fun videos—from street food trails to food challenges.
How do you maintain the editorial objectivity on digital in the cluttered market of food channels?  Editorial objectivity is paramount. We reach out to our experts (chefs, nutritionists, doctors, authors, columnists) and do our own research.
Planning digital content is a fine balancing act of bringing both unique pegs and perspectives on the one hand and enriching the SEO juice with popular, trendy, most searched digital content.
We work in tandem with the TV on shows, with shoulder content as well as unique spin-offs and stories and videos to enrich the TV experience.

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Travel and Food have been the two most beloved topics for millennials. Share any 3 tips to market Lifestyle and content related to food on social media. There are 3 principle pointers that one must follow:
  • Always experiment with the newer forms and narrative in content.
  • Sustainable and positive eating habits and lifestyle.
  • Evolve with time when it comes to health; vegan and gluten-free products are some of the examples.
What parameters does LF have in place to measure ROI on how a certain content format is performing? We mainly concentrate on the review and the reach of the content. We believe that the qualitative nature of the content is truly known when one comes across comments or feature-based on emotions which makes it easier for us to connect with the audience and also to analyze the social media presence in the market. On the road to 2020, what are the top content marketing trends that will dominate the digital medium according to you? According to us, the three dominating trends on social media will be:
  • UGC Content
  • Micro-Influencer Marketing
  • Innovative use of Facebook/Instagram stories
What are the top food trends for 2020? And how can marketers leverage these through digital media? Food trends are fueled and validated on social media—from traveling chefs to food scientists to start-ups and food aggregators—digital media is leading the way for food trends. It’s a great opportunity for marketers to align themselves as well as create trends that are health and nutrition-focused, along with food experiences and events. What are the top 3 focus-areas for the platform for 2020 and what new content can we expect this year from the channel? As a lifestyle brand, on the platform, we are going to focus on areas such as:
  • Building communities
  • Encourage UGC
  • Gamification



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