Inside: Pidilite on-ground initiative with Fevicol A+ Ghoda at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival

Fevicol A+ Ghoda- Fevicreate, a Pidilite initiative

In an attempt to promote the thought of ‘Learning by doing’ to ignite young minds, Fevicreate, a Pidilite initiative, unveiled ‘Fevicol A+ Ghoda’ on Rampart Row at the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival this year.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival this year, witnessed, Fevicreate exhibit, an interactive installation, ‘Fevicol A+ Ghoda’ – a 10-foot craft horse installation on Rampart Row. This was unveiled on 1st Feb 2020 in a partially-finished form and was displayed till the 9th of Feb.

Fevicol A+ Ghoda


Encouraging kids to unleash their creativity by completing the unfinished art-piece, Fevicreate aimed to promote its approach of ‘learning by doing’ for children through this activity. The initiative puts a 10-foot craft horse installation on Rampart Row at the epicenter which is already embellished and made with various craft materials.

Fevicol A+ Ghoda: Insight

The propositions of the brand had semblance with the ‘Kala Ghoda’, that is, the symbol of the festival and also is quintessential to being like an enduring icon of the Mumbai city. 

Nicole Mody, Festival Coordinator, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival (KGAF), said, “KGAF provides an ideal platform for creative minds to come together and ideate. Fevicreate’s initiative to ignite creative thinking amongst the kids aligns with the entire objective of the festival. “

As per the brand, the core intent for the installation was to give a tribute to the city, to put up a craft companion of the Ghoda nearby. This guerilla marketing tactic aimed to stand for Mumbai’s creativity- an installation co-created and completed at the Kala Ghoda festival with the introduction of Fevicol A+, a new adhesive from the Pidilite family.

Objective & Rationale

Fevicol A+ Ghoda was made of using different craft materials such as jute, foam, wood, paper, beads amongst others. But the prime product to keep it all ‘glued’ together was Fevicol A+, thus driving the product message.

“The objective of the installation is to explore a kid’s creative potential while ensuring a no-spill and hassle-free affair. Fevicol A+ helps bond multi substrates such as cardboard, felt, foam and other solid craft materials quite easily. It does it much faster than one would expect and it can even be used to create accessories and for embellishment purpose,” said Shantanu Bhanja, CEO, Consumer Products, Pidilite Industries Ltd.

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For the initiative, most of the brainstorming processes and the execution happened in-house by Pidilite in collaboration with their Resource Center, a department created and run by teachers. 

Creative Thought Process 

“Since we have a Ghoda in Fevicol A+ advertising, the horse seemed to be a natural fit for KGAF. The scale was also something that we wanted to bring in – a larger than life piece that would ensure that passers-by would take notice”, said Bhanja

The brand wanted an installation that would stand for Mumbai’s creativity – an installation co-created and completed at the festival, briefed Bhanja. 

The creative team was worried that the ‘Ghoda’ won’t be a perfect installation surmised the brand leader. “But when we looked at it with that lens, opening up our installation to interpretation and creation by everyone was a call that we took.”

The brand allowed everyone to shape the horse, by encouraging them to stick materials on the horse with Fevicol A+. 

Media Channels & Promotions

Fevicreate has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. The initiative is engaging with the audience at Kala Ghoda through social media handles apart from the on-ground activation.

Posted by Fevicreate on Saturday, 1 February 2020


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Posted by Fevicreate on Tuesday, 4 February 2020


Creativity is contagious and it has no age. Fevicreate celebrates the crafting bugs at The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Be it giving our Horsey a creative makeover or making slimes, all you see is smiles!#HorseyAtKalaGhoda #HorseyAtKGAF #KeepingCraftAlive #CraftCreateEngage #KeepCreating #Creativity #UnleashingCreativity #BuildCreativity #KGAF2020 #MyKGAF #KGAFest

Posted by Fevicreate on Monday, 3 February 2020


Going Beyond…

“For us, a big milestone was getting the horse finished on time. After our discussion with the management team at KGAF, we had precious little time to put the horse together. However, we were thrilled when we were able to roll it out a day before the festival,” exclaimed Bhanja.

Another aspect that stood out for the brand was the unexpected interaction garnered at the event with the crowd proliferating and having fun with the ‘horsey’.

Fevicreate 'Horsey' at #KGAF2020

Come and say hi to the 'Horsey' at #KGAF2020, which is an installation by Fevicreate. Tag them and win amazing hampers!#KeepingArtAlive #MyKGAF

Posted by Kala Ghoda Arts Festival on Monday, 3 February 2020


The brand in-partnership with Kala Ghoda Arts Festival felt that the attempt to create an ecosystem to engage children towards art and craft went beyond kids and extended to even adults who are connoisseurs of artworks.



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