Campaign Face Off: Mondelez India’s Couple-Love vs ITC Fabelle’s Self-Love

valentines day campaign face off

In this campaign face-off, experts analyze the impact of Mondelez India’s ‘love’ meter and ITC Fabelle’s ‘magic’ through respective TVC launches. 

Two chocolate majors – ITC Fabelle and Mondelez India- have set out to seize the eyeballs this season of love by rolling out exclusive chocolate bars supplemented with respective campaigns. While Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk and Valentine’s Day have been synonymous for almost a decade, ITC Fabelle has kept its communication revolving around the newly introduced exquisite business chocolates on a slightly different note than the former. In short, where Cadbury talks about ‘love’, Fabelle seeks to spread the ‘magic of self-love’.

Experts take a look at how the competing brands took a different approach from the launch of a new range.

Mondelez India – Pop Your Heart 2.0

Switching from its earlier communication- Say it With Silk, this year Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk attempted to reinvent the expression of love with “How far will you go for love” campaign. A concept conceived to nudge consumers to try and go beyond the usual and make it special for their partner this Valentine’s Day.


Extending the thought further, Mondelez India renewed the packaging of Oreo Cadbury Dipped amplifying its playful ritual to celebrate the spirit of love in its refreshed Valentine-inspired avatar to strike a chord with the youth.


Meanwhile, the Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk Instagram page imbibes creative posts revolving around the ‘How Far will you go for love’ with the hashtag #PopYourHeartOut


The company also leveraged brand ambassador Kartik Aryan’s flamboyant presence on social media and created short videos featuring him.


ITC Fabelle- When you believe, magic happens!

On the other hand, sans flashing Valentine’s mention in its TVC, Fabelle from ITC Foods rolled out its first-ever TVC campaign for the mass consumer chocolate business segment that enlivens Fabelle’s core philosophy – When you believe, magic happens!

Conceptualized by Dentsu India, the commercial features a young girl faced with a moment of self-doubt. Fabelle acts like a catalyst to unlock her imaginative powers and create a magical transformation in her.

On the creative thought process, CCO Malvika Mehra stated,  “What’s chocolate got to do with self-belief you ask. Lots, we say. We sometimes go through moments of self-doubt and often need an external nudge towards believing. Fabelle is that little tap on the shoulder here. It unlocks a new perspective and a wonderful transformation thereafter. It is, indeed, the taste of magic.”


The TVC has garnered more than 3 million views on YouTube and the brand is carrying out the promotional activity for Fabelle Choco Deck Milk & Ruby Chocolate across its social media platforms.


Expert Speak:

While Fabelle doesn’t mention the term Valentine’s Day, the look and feel of the campaign convey love and the timing is all pre-Valentine. Mondelez India on the other hand, associates itself directly with the day of Love throughout the communication.

With both the brands taking a different route to market a certain range of chocolate, Media Samosa asks experts about who in their opinion aced the communication?

Sulina Menon, Chief Client Officer at OMD India:

“My vote goes to Fabelle. Self-love and belief in oneself is something that millennials identify with and that’s the story here. It’s an interesting take on Valentine’s Day, in comparison to the traditional route of a ‘couple romance’ as depicted in the Mondelez commercial.”

Priya Gurnani, Senior Creative Director, Publicis Ambience:

Priya “We all like to believe in a little bit of magic. The Fabelle ad is a sweet reminder to put your faith back in that magic. It has a story and the execution is also well done. I bet my money on this one for sure. While Fabelle is in the fantasy space. Cadbury Oreo speaks about #relationshipgoals. The storyline is nice and sweet but the execution falls very weak and is easily forgettable.”

Chirag Gander, Co-Founder, The Minimalist 

TM_ChiragOreo definitely wins the battle here. The campaign encompasses love, warmth, and wit. The tango between two humans is essential to show love. If we observe carefully Fabelle’s creative does not capture love in a humanized way in the first few seconds. When working with digital mediums, it is expected to be able to grab one’s attention within the first few seconds which a lot of advertisers miss to.

When observed in Fabelle the first 3 seconds consists of the logo, which the viewer does not care too much about. As a creative agency, it is important to work with insights, and key among this is that opening with a logo has a greater drop rate because on social users can see the brand page, and there is no need to reinforce it.

Oreo encapsulates the viewer’s attention first and then leads the whole story in a form that
shows the USPs of the product linked to human behavior. By this form of storytelling rather than story-living is where you find yourself in the ad making it more relatable and more memorable.




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