Pepsi Super Bowl campaigns that gripped the ad world

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Media Samosa brings to you some of the best Pepsi Super Bowl Campaigns over the years, that will take you down the memory lane with nostalgic delight.

Taking the enthusiasm for football a notch-higher, Super Bowl is known to sweep the world – fans and brands alike. Where there are eyeballs and grandeur, brands ready to leverage, especially in the form of such a gigantic podium.

Super Bowl every year witnesses big players from the brand world, aiming to capture maximum attention with their revolutionary ideas. Pepsi Super Bowl campaigns have been a consistent part of this bandwagon; the brand has also been associated with the Super Bowl in an official capacity as Pepsi renewed its half-time sponsorship in 2019.

Media reports suggest that in 2020, Pepsi invested a whopping $40 million in its Super Bowl campaign. The brand’s success with Superbowl is often credited to the fact that both Pepsi and NFL, together make the brand’s advertising strategy for the year taking into consideration consumer behavior insights.

From the iconic ad of Cindy Crawford back in 1992 to I’m Good, tickling your funny bones in 2009, from Britney Spear’s Joy of Pepsi of 2001 to Jennifer Lopez’s Zero Sugar- Done Right in 2020, we take you through some of the ads of Pepsi featured during Super Bowl. Media Samosa brings to you a collection of some of their best work.

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1992: Cindy Crawford


1997: Pepsi and Lucasfilm, “Darth Vader”


2001: Pepsi, “Joy of Pepsi”


2002: Pepsi, “Now and Then” 


2004: Pepsi Bears


2004: Pepsi, “We Will Rock You” 



Pepsi Diet: 2005


2009: Pepsi: I’m Good 


2011: Pepsi MAX®: Love hurts 


2013: Pepsi Next: Party


2016: Joy of Pepsi 


2018: Pepsi for all generations


2019: Pepsi More than OK


2020: Pepsi | Zero Sugar 





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