Dhara encourages Indians with ‘Milled in India’ campaign

Dhara Milled in India campaign

Aiming to inspire consumers, Dhara launches ‘Milled in India’, an integrated marketing campaign. It encourages people to adopt traditional, indigenous filtered oils that suit the Indian taste palate, style of cooking and cuisines.

The “Milled in India” campaign aims to convey how adopting traditional wisdom goes a long way in improving life – “Zara Sa Badlaav Banaye Life Behtar”. The campaign highlights the next behavior change that Dhara is advocating – using oils that are ‘Milled in India’. Indigenous oils, typically Filtered Mustard Oil, Groundnut Oil and Gingelly Oil, have been used in India for generations and are considered the ideal cooking medium in the country.

Sanjeev Giri, Business Head – Dhara, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Pvt. Ltd., said, “Food has always been embraced in our country. With global exposure and evolving preferences, consumers are opting for newer oil variants; however, indigenous oils are still best suited for the Indian taste palate. It is also an established fact that with food comes regional preferences and so the type of oil. For eg., Mustard Oil is mostly preferred in the northern and eastern regions, whereas Groundnut oil is the preferred oil in the west. Through this campaign, we aim to re-ignite the traditional chronicles while taking our consumers back to their legacy of taste that they all have grown up with.”

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“Milled in India” is an integrated campaign initiative of Dhara running across Print, OOH, Radio, POS, and Digital medium of communication. The product hero for the entire communication would be indigenous flavored oils (such as Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil and Groundnut Oil). The campaign aims to enhance the brand score and relevance for Dhara in the lives of a new generation and at the same time be rooted in tradition.

Giri further added, “Dhara has been the market leader in the filter oil segment and we have been on the forefront to advocate the use of traditional indigenous oils. As a brand, it is not just about highlighting its benefits rather it is invoking small behavioral changes – Zara Sa Badlaav Banaye Life Behtar.”



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