HDFC Life enhances interactivity with mobile-led campaign

HDFC Life campaign

HDFC Life campaign integrates face and speech recognition technology to promote its term insurance solutions, expanding the scope of the TVC narrative.

HDFC Life constantly endeavours to promote its life insurance products as a step towards offering financial security to customers, while highlighting some of the policy benefits. In line with its tech-driven approach, the brand aimed to deliver an ‘out-of-the-box’ ad concept that would couple innovative technology and creativity seamlessly. mCanvas, the experiential storytelling ad platform for small screens, has created an interactive mobile-led ad campaign for HDFC Life. Using real-time face and speech recognition technology, the rich-media ad is engaging users and enhancing the overall brand experience.

This mobile-led ad first encourages users to make the move towards securing the future of their family, with an ‘I’m ready’ button.

On tapping the button, the phone’s camera is activated and users are prompted to point the camera at a loved one. Using face recognition technology, the ad then captures an image of that person. Thereafter, users are encouraged to tap on the microphone button on the screen and say ‘Secure our future’. 

On reaching the closing screen the user can view, ‘Showcase your love by sharing on WhatsApp’. This CTA enables users to share a link of the microsite that contains the image of the loved one, along with the messaging. Another CTA ‘Buy Today’, directs users to the website for more information on the insurance policies. 

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Reaching over 2.6 million users, the campaign is witnessing an impressive 1.2% click-through rate, which is over 6 times the 0.20% industry average for mobile banners. Users are spending over 8 seconds, on average, engaging with the creative.

Vishal Subharwal, Executive Vice President – Ecommerce & Digital Marketing, HDFC Life said, “To truly capture the user’s attention and create top of the funnel brand awareness, it was crucial for us to engage our audience with an ad concept that encourages them to participate with our brand and its message, in a meaningful way. We are glad that the mobile-led ad campaign delivered on our objectives.”

“It’s evident that voice is going to be the next big thing in the mobile ad space, and there’s no better time than now to perfect its use in interactive ads. When HDFC Life presented us with the challenge to think of a unique concept, we knew it was the opportune moment to integrate advanced innovations in the ad,” says Vishal Rupani, Co-founder and CEO, mCanvas.



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