Gerety Awards 2020: Deadlines extended

Gerety Awards

Amidst the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, Gerety Awards announces an extension of the entry deadline till April 17.

After the buzz of its call for entries campaign that saw purple mustaches sent to industry leaders while asking the question, ‘what does a woman have to do to get onto an advertising jury?’, the Gerety Awards are extending the deadline today.

Gerety founders said, “Due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic we have made preparations for the judging to be done remotely and online. What we hope to do with Gerety is to prove the importance of representation. When women get to decide what work actually speaks the most persuasively, I think we’ll be surprised how much more interesting our idea of what great work is, and who makes it, becomes”.

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Launched in January of 2019, Gerety Awards marks the first time a jury’s been united to select the best in advertising—all advertising, not just advertising made for women—through the female lens. Women make 80 percent of purchasing choices so it creates a benchmark that is relevant to the market reality, all while being a counterbalance for an industry norm of male-dominated juries.

The extended entry deadline is April 17. All types of media can be entered into any of the Gerety Awards 10 categories called CUTS, (like a diamond) Media, Innovation, Entertainment, Communication, Craft, Experience, Works for Good, Health, Pharma and Portfolios. All advertising works broadcast between January 2019 and the deadline are eligible for entry and the works are judged on two criteria: originality of the idea and its execution.​



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