COVID-19: How OOH campaigns evolved in the wake of the pandemic

OOH campaigns worldwide

Despite challenges created by COVID-19, the OOH industry attempts to stay unfazed adopting social messaging at vantage points. Media Samosa takes you through the anti COVID-19 OOH campaigns executed worldwide.

COVID-19 has deeply impacted industries across sectors worldwide. However, Events’ & Experiential sector and Out-of-Home Advertising (OOH) have had the most direct impact.

To give you a perspective, OOH witnessed a progressive 2019. According to the FICCI-KPMG report, it saw a growth of 5% to reach a size of INR 34 billion. However, with the worldwide lockdown to combat the pandemic, the tables turned pretty quickly for the industry.

Despite challenges, OOH advertising attempts to help with social messages on COVID-19 and expressing gratitude to the frontline workers across the world. In India too, we observe a similar trend.

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Be it the #MatCorona by GPlus back home, or the controversial Mcdonald’s ad on social distancing, the Coca-Cola ad at Times Square or the Burger King’s stay home in Belgium, OOH industry is braving this storm in all possible ways.

Media Samosa takes you through the COVID-19 OOH campaigns worldwide that aim to spread the message of social distancing.

Unacademy by Laqshya Media

#MatCorona by GPlus in Guwahati

Atlanta United FC


New York billboard campaign for Freedom

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Burger King- Stay Home

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When Belgium announced that its fast food restaurants should be closed until 3 April, a Burger King restaurant in the country crossed out 'of the Whopper' from its slogan and added 'stay' on top of the word 'home'. Thus, the 'Home of the Whopper' became 'Stay Home' Credits: Burger King Belgium . . ? Follow Ads OK Plz ( @ads_ok_plz ) for more Creative Ads… ?? . . . #⃣ . . #ads_ok_plz #coronavirus #handwash #psa #COVID19 #COVID19Alert #corona #pandemic #WHO #UNICEF #workfromhome #WFHAmidstCorona #quarantine #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #quarantined #socialdistancing #21DaysLockdown #hantavirus #advertismentdesign #socialmedianews #marketingguru #onlinemarketing #socialmediamanagement

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Coca-Cola has chosen what is normally one of the most crowded places on Earth to send a social distancing message as the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread. The beverage marketer began running an ad on its Times Square billboard that features its brand name—normally written in tightly connected Spencerian script—with space between each letter. Underneath is the message, “Staying apart is the best way to stay connected.” The ad will only run on Times Square in the U.S. Ad Agency: Mercardo McCann . . ? Follow Ads OK Plz ( @ads_ok_plz ) for more Creative Ads… ?? . . . #⃣ . . #ads_ok_plz #coronavirus #handwash #psa #COVID19 #COVID19Alert #corona #pandemic #WHO #UNICEF #workfromhome #WFHAmidstCorona #quarantine #quarantineandchill #quarantinelife #quarantined #socialdistancing #contentmarketer #digitalmarketer #indiaphotography #commercial #onlinemarketer #advertismentdesign #socialmedianews #marketingguru #onlinemarketing #socialmediamanagement

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Alone Together by Ad Council

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Thank you, nurses, by JCDecaux

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#MyHeroes by Kinetic and

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Netflix Spoiler Campaign



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