Revel in the nostalgia of the 90’s Indian Ads…

Best TVCs from the 90s

Be it the unforgettable jingles or the storytelling representing the zest for life, the 90s Indian ads remain unfazed despite newer ads each day. Media Samosa brings to you some of the best TVCs taking you on a nostalgic trip.

The Television landscape has witnessed multiple levels of evolution from the 1970s when the government relaxed restrictions over TV programming. It paved way for investment from private firms and foreign brands such as Star TV and CNN. 80s was an era of Television content broadcasting from terrestrial transmitters and 90s saw the advent of Cable TV and DD-2. 90s Indian ads followed soon.

The foray of this medium into Cable, Satellite TV and today into DTH & digitization brought forth unprecedented growth in terms of variety of content and viewers, both. Consequently, it also led to an array of advertising by brands, especially during the 90s.

Who can forget the Dhara Jalebi Ad from Mudra (now DDB Mudra) or the chime of Action ka School Time in the mornings? While the Fisherman from the Fevicol is etched in the minds of the consumers, the quirks of Ericsson’s One black coffee leaves an imprint on the funny bones & went on to become one of the first ads to win a Cannes Lion back in 1996. Be it the delight of Amul- The Taste of India, or the pride represented by the then-popular ‘Hamara Bajaj’ taking you on a nostalgic trip, 90s ads refuse to fade in the sands of time.

While the nation faces an extended lockdown for the ongoing pandemic, it is only prudent to take a backseat. Wondering what to do? Well, bask in the glory of these nostalgic 90s Indian ads.

Action: School-time




Amul- The Taste of India





Cadbury Dairy Milk

Classic Toothbrush








Fevi Kwik







MDH Masala


Nestle Milky Bar


Nerolac Paints

Pan Parag



Sundrop Oil

Titan Watches




Uncle Chips





Nima Rose




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