COVID-19 searches now waning down to 32% among top 100 Google searches: BARC-Neilsen report

BARC-Nielsen Edition 6 report

The sixth BARC-Nielsen report indicates the growth of 31% over the pre-COVID period for TV consumption but digital video ad spends (select platforms) is at the lowest among the last four weeks across most categories.

BARC India and Neilson Media have jointly released the sixth edition of The Crisis Consumption: Impact of COVID-19 on TV And Smartphone consumption behavior across India.

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Some of the key highlights of TV and Smartphone consumption during the fifth week of Lockdown are as follows: –


BARC India Nielsen Smartphone Panel
Coverage All India (Urban + Rural) All India (Urban 1 Lakh plus)
TG ALL NCCS 2+ years 1.        NCCS ABC 15-44 years

2.        Android Smartphone Users

Time Period PRE-COVID   – 11th Jan 2020- 31st Jan 2020 PRE COVID –   13th Jan 2020 – 2nd Feb 2020

Week 5 – 11th April 2020 to 17th April 2020

Week 6 – 18th April 2020 to 24th April 2020


  1. “CORONA Virus” searches now waning – down to 32% among Top 100 Google searches
  2. TV consumption seems to be stabilizing now – at 1.16 Trillion minutes this week, a drop from last week but the growth of 31% over the pre-COVID period – Growth in Mega Cities is higher than growth in Rural
  3. The new normal of around 3 hrs, 40 minutes spent per day on Smartphone seems to have set in
  4. News and Movies on TV have started to taper off as compared to last few weeks but continue to operate at 2X levels over the pre-COVID period
  5. News franchise on Smartphone continues to evoke massive interest among Audiences
  6. Hindi GEC in Urban HSM grew by 31% over the pre-COVID period whereas strong gains for Movies and Original Series on OTT platforms continue on the Smartphone
  7. Drop observed in viewership as Ramayana transitioned to Uttar Ramayan
  8. Heavy viewers of last year’s IPL watched just 2% of sports in the last 4 weeks (down from 20% last year) – viewership shifted to GEC, Movies, News
  9. Lack of Sports pushes the Sports Audiences to more Virtual Connectedness & Gaming Apps
  10. FCT on TV stable this week whereas Digital Video Ad spends (select platforms) at the lowest among last four weeks across most categories

You can access the entire report here:




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