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Jajabor Brand Consultancy
How do we define Jajabor Brand Consultancy? Jajabor Brand Consultancy is the company with the vision to unleash the power of storytelling. We aim to help brands, people, companies, policymakers to reach their consumers. What’s in the name? Jajabor means nomads in the Assamese language. It was inspired by one of my grandfather’s favorite songs by Bhupen Hazarika, the song relays that just words can transport you anywhere in the world. In essence, we’re all ‘nomads’ or ‘Jajabors’ that are traveling through this world across multiple destinations & just with the power of our mind and words we can transport ourselves anywhere in the world. What do we do? We use storytelling & public relations to solve the biggest business challenges & leverage key opportunities. We have a unique consultancy model, consider us a ‘SWAT’ team of communication experts, we plug our teams into organizations & work both as corp coms & agency giving businesses a 360-degree strategy + execution arm. Our services include Public Relations, Integrated Communications, Brand Strategy & Content Strategy. Why we do it? Every day we show up to work inspired by the fact that our work can connect consumers to brands in meaningful ways. Knowing that through us customers have been able to solve issues, policymakers have heard from citizens, start-ups have raised funds & are innovating like never before, businesses have expanded & created opportunities that give us the impetus to keep hustling. Very early on I realized that PR & storytelling is not just about distributing great stories, it’s about crafting communication that helps move entire ecosystems, that’s why we do what we do. How we evolve? As a company, we thrive on a culture of learning & agility. Due to the nature of our business, we’re constantly in the middle of evolving consumer, media, business landscape. To keep up with this, we do a few things consistently-
  • Always interact & learn from stakeholders in the industry other than yours. From investors, policymakers, tech founders to freelancers or even artists, we constantly look and learn from businesses beyond us to imbibe best practices & challenges
  • Constant Hustle mode-This means not settling or stopping or being complacent. We do celebrate our wins but also know that every 24 hours the world changes.
  • Loving failures as much as we love our wins- No one in the team is afraid to fail. This enables us to take massive bold risks, while we are always cautious that these failures never outweigh the risk.
  • Global networks- Beyond our work, each employee including myself as a founder is encouraged to cultivate a global network that enables cross-pollination of learning & working.
Social responsibility in social media Simply put, we don’t put anything out there with our name unless we’re prepared to take full responsibility for it. This means constant vetting, well-researched input. However, if we strongly feel about an issue, we put our full might behind it to put forward our perspective in a respectful way. The need of the hour Social media as a concept is still evolving in India, a whole generation of netizens that have come on board are mobile-first and never went through the cultural or technological evolution their predecessors did. Keeping this in mind, the user needs to be at the center of all frameworks. This framework has to be created by us for us, no other existing framework from any other market would work.

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We learned the hard way
  • Always deliver for the greater good of the brand: There are times early on where we gave in to what a client wanted, but quickly realized our responsibility is towards the brand promise. To keep that intact it’s okay to sometimes necessary to go against the tide & not ‘give in’.
  • Nothing is louder than your track record- Don’t waste your time ‘talking’ or ‘convincing’ clients, stakeholders. Invest all your energy on a stellar track record of results, that’s louder than anything else you put on the table.
  • ‘Word of Mouth is the most valuable currency’- The most valuable currency in any ecosystem is good word of mouth, work towards creating a transparent, respectful, successful relationship with any stakeholder/vendor you work with. Beyond results, this is the single most important factor that impacts scale & success.
Did we just share that? An American client once asked if we have an ‘Uber for elephants’ in India *eye rolls* They work with us We work with billion-dollar tech companies, policy think-tanks, VC’s from India & across the globe, top startups in the world, largest tech companies, exciting consumer brands & more. The industry as we foresee I believe we’re in possibly the most exciting phase of a mobile-led social media growth. The industry is possibly going to continue to crunch decades of evolution in just a few years. This is going to lead to some interesting things. Firstly social is going to move from being a ‘means to an end’ to the ‘end’ itself, new experiences will get crafted keeping this in mind. From gaming to dating to fitness, they’ve all seen this trend. Secondly, brands will find more ways to seamlessly integrate offline & online experiences like never before. Lastly, access to data will lead to more influx of knowledge which will hopefully result in a more aware demographic. A day without Internet Not bad at all! Think of it like your computer rebooting. Sometimes, taking that break makes you come back with better performance and ideas! Lastly, are you hiring? Yes



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