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The Visual House

How do we define The Visual House?

The Visual House is a production house and integrated communication agency based out of Delhi NCR. We are a known name in designing and implementing IEC & SBCC communication materials, producing documentaries/ docudramas, corporate & short films, animated films that help organizations to reach out to their target audience through our socially relevant content. Ours is a small team of twenty-five people working day and night aiming to bring visions to reality

What’s in the name?

The Visual House – it is all in the name. We firmly believe that the joy of being creative is beyond words. If you have a story to tell, we attempt to offer the best ways to tell it through visuals.

What do we do?

We offer wholesome communication packages, be it IEC, BCC & SBCC– we have got you covered. From making TVC’s to corporate videos to documenting your organization’s work, we do it all. Our in-house designing team also works on creating brilliant communication materials like flyers, infographics, animated videos, and even social media packages.

Why we do it?

This incredible journey started in 2010 when our CEO & Founding Director, Deepmala, decided to give wings to her dreams. As a team, we had that zeal and passion to create compelling stories, spark inspiration, and create magic on the screen. It’s been 10 years since we started and our motto is creating simply the best.

How we evolve?

Crafting films in the non-fiction genre is initially what we did but with the passage of time, developing communication strategies and campaigns, radio jingles, event management and providing designing and printing services have all become our forte and we will be soon plunging into the realms of fiction with our short film, titled, ‘EK Jhalak’.

Our approach of aiming to provide our clients with the best communication solutions keeps us on our feet always.

Social responsibility in social media

We strongly believe in the ethos of social responsibility for all corporates, and social media provides us a platform to do just that. As an agency, we have dabbled in different fields, working with the underrepresented groups – be it people living with HIV or improving universal child-care in huge demography like India – we have done it all and then some. Our social media strategy thus also aligns with our long-held views of equality and representation.

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The need of the hour

There is a wider reckoning that needs to happen in the Indian media industry, especially when it comes to democratic platforms like social media. We, as an agency, have always been aware of the role that we need to play in the larger inequalities of life that our society reflects. And our work speaks for that. However, we strongly believe that content creators need to pass the mic to those who do not have access, be it women or the LGBTQIA community or other underrepresented groups. And our social networking laws need to make sure that such groups are protected well enough to avoid unnecessary harassment and make social media platforms a safer space for all.

We learned the hard way

Every client is different, and every story might need a different angle; but while creating, bringing a humane touch to the plot, is the job we are always expected to do as artists, creators, and media people. We did not learn this the hard way, but it sure is the one lesson that we always keep in mind while embarking on any new project.

We did learn the hard way of the art and the importance of saying no. As an agency, we have some rules expectations from our own work in terms of quality and creativity.

Did we just share that?

Uploading the wrong creative on a wrong day, commenting something from our personal handles instead of the official one – we have all been a part of such social media gaffes.

We have also had our share of social media blunders where we have had to retrace our steps after announcing something or delete a post in hurry – but nothing drastic so far, or nothing that we could not easily recover from.

They work with us

Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women, NACO, FHI 360, Boston Consulting Group India, ITC Limited, Tata Sky, Droom, etc. to name a few.

The industry as we foresee

We hope as time passes, the Indian Social Media industry will become more and more inclusive, showcasing stories from all parts of the country, thus becoming the true mirror and mosaic of different lives that our society is.

A day without Internet

In these times of COVID-19, a day without the internet seems unimaginable. Our team is all connected, functional, and productive, all while working from home due to the internet only. But we also understand the importance of simply signing off at times. This is why, we make sure our team members have quite flexible schedules, weekly work calls and the physical and mental space to create as they please. As a team, we’d say having no internet for a day does not make us panicky at all, because as we all have seen now in this world of Corona that life does indeed go on.

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