Dentsu Webchutney launches Interns from Home

Dentsu Webchutney Interns from Home

With Interns from Home, Dentsu Webchutney will enrol up to 50 college students and introduce them to advertising and marketing using a learning module.

Dentsu Webchutney, the digital-first creative agency from the house of Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) India, has launched several corporate programs within its offices – ranging from Pause the Resume to The Ad Fellows – in an attempt to find new talent. This year, plans were afoot to continue the tradition, barring a pandemic.

Hence, the agency has now decided to make an audacious move for students who have had either their internships revoked, or college schedules delayed this summer. Dentsu Webchutney has announced the launch of its unique program, ‘Interns from Home (IfH)’. The program is a twist to the usual internship programs and will enrol up to 50 college students or recent graduates for a duration of four weeks.

For starters, unlike the regular internships, this internship will not involve any work on Dentsu Webchutney’s existing client projects. Instead, with a diverse syllabus as the foundation of the internship, every IfH participant will be introduced to an employee-designed learning module.

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Participants will work with each other in groups on the program’s Slack channel. Further, each group will be mentored by a team of volunteers from the agency. The volunteers will be responsible for overseeing the work, encouraging discussions to replicate a collaborative work environment.

The first batch of the program will prioritise applications from mass communication, advertising, and marketing college students along with recent graduates. The agency believes in the power of internships. Therefore, they aim to create new opportunities for the students by adjusting with the cascading effect of COVID-19. Interested students can apply now at

The team at Dentsu Webchutney said, “Internships are key to discovering and promoting talent in our industry. It is how young talents ready themselves for future work, how they find contacts that last the rest of their career or even connect them to a big break. This internship season has left many students waiting for a compelling offer. This is why, in the absence of other opportunities, today we’re excited to adapt our standard internship program into a scaled-up experience for students to get hands-on knowledge through a syllabus completely driven by our people.”

“Instead of the usual two or three interns at a time on each floor, over 50 participants will now get to be part of the unique internship experience we love to offer every summer. Our motivation is to provide inspiration, resources and support to talented students and continue our agency’s tradition of investing in young talent,” they added.



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