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Vicara Communications

How do you define Vicara PR & Communications?

We are Vicara, a 7-year-old boutique PR Consultancy. Our Founder Neeti J, who had then set out on her freelance journey in early 2013, initiated Vicara. Jigar Chatwani, Business Lead, and Partner at Vicara joined in and scaled up the set-up further in 2017. Since then it has been an enriching experience, working with brands and people.

We are a fairly young team of driven individuals with our base in Mumbai and Pune. We have aimed to deliver work for some of the finest Indian brands as well as Corporates based out of Dubai, Malaysia, South Korea, and Australia.

What’s in the name?

Vicara originates from the Sanskrit word ‘Vichar’. It also translates as ‘sustained thinking’ in Buddhism. We wanted to have a brand name that completely resonates with what we offer but is not too literal or out there. Being strategic & communication, PR is a continuous and sustained effort. Hence, what better name than ‘Vicara = Vichar’, as thought is the origin for almost everything.

What do we do?

Vicara is a PR Consultancy. We offer PR centric brand solutions and strategy. With the ongoing evolution in the space, apart from the traditional PR and brand building mediums, we also look into media content partnerships, corporate/brand alliances, and influencer engagement exercises.

Why we do it?

We do it as we believe that it is what we do the best. Also, it’s a great platform to network, build partnerships, and is like an opportunity to comprehend and create something unique and innovative each time. PR thrives on brand diversity; there is always something new to learn.

How has the role of PR changed with the digital ecosystem coming off age?

Evolution is essential. The clear shift to Digital in the Media Space was evident. Also with the App world and start-up take over in the last decade, PR dynamics were swiftly evolving as well. This new-age digital evolution has now received further permanency owing to the COVID-19 – social distancing norm that has affected the traditional way of things in media and PR.

However, this Internet-driven evolution was comfortable for us. Apart from having closely worked with the game changers i.e. the start-up brands, some of our team members have also been a part of the start-up culture. So, understanding the core changes and networking with tech or digitally inclined professionals helped us understand and play the field in a better manner.

CSR in PR?

We love animals. Our dogs, Hash (Black Labrador) and Rafael (Boxer) have taught us the value of unconditional love that animals bring to this world. We intend to do as many things as possible for animals and are looking at setting up an animal rescue center in the future.

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We learned the hard way

You need to have a contingency plan to keep your business afloat during uncertain times. Thankfully, we had burnt our fingers in the past, when it came to maintaining consistent cash flow in the system. That gave us the opportunity to be prepared and face these tough economic times caused by COVID-19.

They work with us

We work with a range of clients from diverse industries. From Health & Lifestyle brands to Start-Ups, from Digital Agencies to Crypto Currency brands, from Education to Agriculture. We are privileged and excited to be associated with some great brand names in India and abroad.

The industry as we foresee

Digital is no longer the future. Digital is the reality that needs to be accepted. Yes, it felt great to see a client’s feature in a business newspaper or in a business magazine, but that has been replaced by digital platforms that have a wider reach.

A day without Internet

As an agency, a day without the Internet would be a little chaotic in terms of meeting day-to-day deadlines but overall, it would be a lot of fun. We are a pet-friendly organization so the team is free to bring along a fur friend. We also encourage flexible working hours and Work From Home from time to time so that the team can also work on their passions and interests. So, a day without the Internet will be a happy one with lots of exchange of fresh ideas and sharing of experiences.

Lastly, are you hiring?

No. Not at the moment



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