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How do we define Mavcomm?

Mavcomm took shape in 2006 when few young professionals observed the developments in the PR industry on the one hand and the lack of a solutions-based approach for clients on the other. The singular focus of Mavcomm since then has been to aim & deliver value to clients with consumer-research backed strategy and implementation capabilities that achieve the desired results.

The factors that define Mavcomm are:

  • Solution-based approach
  • Research-backed strategy
  • Strong implementation
  • Defined results.

Mavcomm, a member of Global Communications Alliance, (GCA) is an agency with 13 years of experience and an in-house team of over 20 members and a cross-country affiliate base of more than 100 members with subject matter expertise, diverse skill sets, and more.

What’s in the name?

When thinking of our name, we were very clear about demolishing some of the misnomers about the profession. We steered clear of names that included words like Relations or Media because both were very limited aspects of what the profession offered. We decided to select a name that reflected what the organization stood for.

We, therefore, derived ‘Mav’ in our name from the Hebrew word ‘Maven’ meaning- ace: someone who is skilled in any field. So that’s the story behind Mavcomm – ‘Mav’ in ‘comm’, which simply means the ones who have aced in the field of communication. We did include ‘Communication’ in our name not because we thought that communication was what we were going to do but because communication is so integral to life.

We also added Consulting to our name as we were clear that we were not following an agency model. We are into the business of reputation counseling.

What do we do?

Mavcomm provides a comprehensive service package support organizations and individuals to build a better reputation and grow their business. Our services include:

  • Reputation Consulting
  • Public Affairs
  • Digital Marketing
  • Brand Communications
  • Crisis Management
  • Sponsorship

Why we do it?

Our mission is to redefine the way Public Relations & Brand Communications can effectively work together to contribute in the growth of individuals & organizations. The vision is to support organizations to identify, strategize, and achieve their communication goals through a personalized approach.

Our values include

  • A commitment to understanding the client’s Mission & Vision.
  • A commitment to design needs- specific communication packages rather than following a generic approach for clients.
  • A commitment to be ethical, sincere, and open in our dealings.
  • A commitment to continuously enhance the skill levels of the team.

The idea is to act as an extension of our client’s team and support them comprehensively rather than following a silo-based approach.

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How has the role of PR changed with the digital ecosystem coming off age?

The relationship of a brand with a stakeholder has moved far beyond being transactional. For example, a customer is no longer just a customer but an influencer, a brand advocate, a co-creator, and even a co-conspirator. In the digital era, companies and brands have become an intrinsic part of the stakeholder’s lifestyle. A company must stand for values that the consumer identifies with and desires to be associated with. For this purpose, a company must connect with the stakeholder in a personalized and relatable way across all forms of its communication.

This is where the role of PR comes in. The PR consulting now needs to integrate the following six essential P’s in its consulting and strategy for clients/ company.

  • Purpose – Stakeholders like to connect with purpose-driven companies and therefore along with the strengths of the company, its purpose should be clearly conveyed.
  • Taking a Position – Company’s need to take a position on contemporary issues as stakeholder’s again like to associate with companies that take a view strongly on issues that affect audiences. PR needs to highlight a company’s position on issues clearly.
  • Using the art of Persuasion – With clutter, there is also skepticism and here PR needs to use the art of persuasion in getting the customers attracted to a brand.
  • Precision – The messaging needs to be brief and precise to make an impact on stakeholders.
  • Personal – The message also has to be personalized to each stakeholder and the digital eco-system gives that possibility to companies where they can reach stakeholders with individualized messages.
  • Platform management – The PR professionals have skilled themselves with skills in design, content creation for various platforms, and platform management as well as for analytics.

CSR in PR?

In a way, the entire focus of PR is on building up a reputation for which a lot of counseling goes towards becoming a better corporate citizen. Some of the most prominent corporates in India command trust because of the CSR that they have done.

CSR is definitely an important element for PR but needs to be leveraged, very carefully.

The need of the hour

Crisis Management needs to move to a pandemic preparedness level. This is a good opportunity for PR to take a more important role in an organization’s strategic communications framework as PR has played the most important role for organizations in the past quarter where other forms of reaching out to audiences weren’t effective.

We learned the hard way

The entrepreneurial journey has come with its fair share of challenges since we started in 2006. There have been economic downturns that impacted business. The learnings in a hard way were in terms of building the second-level of management where sharing of vision is important.

They work with us

We had the beginners’ luck and proud of the fact that we have worked with some of the best Indian and global corporations and brands.

Some of the prominent clients that we have worked with include:

  • Audi India
  • Polaris
  • Indian Motorcycle
  • India Yamaha Motor
  • Magneti Marelli
  • UM Motors
  • Okinawa
  • Auto Expo 2008 and 2012
  • Maersk Line

and many more.

The industry as we foresee

We see Reputation Counselling, Brand Communications, Digital Marketing & Public Affairs getting closely intertwined in the future. What we know as Integrated Marketing, it has been working in quite an unintegrated manner with different specialists coming in at different touchpoints.

We believe that a collective model will emerge which will have senior strategists working closely together while implementation is done by individual teams.

A day without Internet

It may be blissful to be unconnected but the reality of life is that we now need the internet more than ever. A day without the internet is unimaginable.

Lastly, are you hiring?




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