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Madison PR agency

How do we define Madison PR?

Madison PR is a Public Relations agency that is an independent business entity within Madison World. With 24 years of multi-sector knowledge and breadth of public relations experience, the teams at Madison PR are able to build and nurture client businesses.

Creativity, Innovation, and Insights led recommendations have been the foundation of Madison PR’s work for its clients’. We have worked with different business sectors such as FMCG, Beauty, Retail, Healthcare Technology, & more.

What’s in the name?

Since Madison PR is a part of Madison World, it was natural to name our agency Madison PR. For the parent group, Madison, the name comes from the famous Madison Avenue of New York.

What do we do?

With experience in Brand & Corporate PR, we have been successful in delivering several campaigns consistently over the years. From supporting startups to new market introductions for business, product launches, celebrity management, influencer marketing, support for CSR endeavors as well as crisis management support – our teams across the country work seamlessly to support on communication campaigns, which could be national or regional. We are also into media relations, reputation management, and social media campaigns, and more

Why we do it?

Having built a successful Advertising and Media agency that offered multiple media-related specialized services, Sam Balsara, Chairman & Managing Director, Madison World envisioned that the addition of a Public Relations agency would allow for a more holistic offering to a client looking for a comprehensive communications support from a single company.

Balsara was asked for help by a brand to help resolve a certain reputation related issue which was not in the domain of Media or Advertising and Sam helped with a solution to the great satisfaction of the brand. He was encouraged by the client company to start a PR agency as he understood the media universe so well on the one hand and had an astute sense of brand building on the other. The idea became a reality with Madison PR starting operation in 1996. Madison PR has grown to become a respected name amongst PR agencies in the industry, particularly as an independent Indian agency. It enjoys a portfolio of clients that include several respected names from Indian as well as international markets.

How has the role of PR changed with the digital ecosystem coming off age?

PR uses Digital platforms to offer integrated solutions to clients. Social media channels have opened up new opportunities for brands to benefit from, allowing users to communicate, exchange ideas, and even create products, which has added to the dimension of PR outreach on these mediums. Data and analytics play a vital role in crafting the message as well as analyzing the effectiveness of Digital led communication. PR practitioners need to be tech-savvy to the extent of being active users of such digital medium in order to keep pace with the changes.  The high interactivity feature of new media has tremendously increased the participation of external stakeholders in the organizational conversations in the public domain. This high interactivity may result in either positive or negative narrative for the organization and hence public relations managers have to be conscious of the implications of this wider, faster, and unmediated communication and plan accordingly.

This is particularly true in times of a crisis situation, where news can spread externally before the organization has come to grip with the events. The PR teams need to be well trained to handle crisis communications and advisory to clients, with speed, accuracy, and astute judgment of public sentiment.

The response may need to be in real-time and one may also be dealing with misinformation, however, an experienced PR team should be able to support the Client well.

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CSR in PR?

Consumers are increasingly conscious of an organization’s stand on issues, its commitment to community, and whether it lives by its stated values. While research reveals that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) improves long-term business performance and that consumers prefer to support organizations with strong histories of social responsibility and ethical values, building a relationship of trust even before a consumer has interacted with that organization.

The role of PR is to ensure that customers, along with internal and external stakeholders are aware of the organization’s commitment and efforts as well as ensuring authenticity and integrity in communication about these. PR can help leaders share information about the value that the organization brings to stakeholders and communities, ensuring honest and authentic reporting.

As for Madison, we have Madison Resource Foundation, our CSR initiative which is committed to the cause of making visually challenged people across India computer literate to give them a window to the world.

We learned the hard way

No matter how much experience one may have in a particular business sector, it never pays to be overconfident. God is in the details and each situation needs all facets to be examined, understood, and then worked towards.

They work with us

Madison PR has clients across business verticals, like Procter & Gamble, Asian Paints, Cargill India, ITC Foods, Marico, Red Bull, Jubilant FoodWorks, Jubilant Lifesciences, Fortis Hospitals, Coty India, Nivea, Crompton, Hamdard, Tata Power, Tata Power Solar and Red Bull amongst several others.

The industry as we foresee

  • The role of communications has possibly never been more relevant. As the world is witnessing an unprecedented situation, clients are seeking more advice, not less; brands are engaging more with their various stakeholders. The demand will only increase for creative solutions that sensitively addresses multiple stakeholders, is cost-efficient, and communicates through earned conversations.
  • Technological innovations will likely be a significant driver of change in the industry. Data is increasingly important to deliver important consumer insights. Communications practitioners will need to make effective use of instinct to complement knowledge gleaned from data and analytics, in delivering creative propositions. Integrated campaigns are not new, but will probably continue to be the most prevalent in the near future with digital media /online information consumption assuming a dominant role in people’s lives.
  • The rise of the digital influencers that command the attention of audiences and brands alike is a trend that’s here to stay for a while it seems. Consumer expectations about how brands behave in the world and express their purpose is steadily rising.
  • Video Storytelling is another super-trend that will continue. The future will be about finding authentic ways to create with platforms using video content and working with influencers. Online video demand continued to grow in 2019, and communicators have used the channel innovatively for brand campaigns and messaging in issues.
  • Artificial intelligence is already altering the media landscape and will continue to do so. Empathetic communication; authentic content while also dealing with issues of fake news and misinformation in the age of digital will continue to be factors that PR will deal with.

A day without the Internet

Even the thought of the internet not being accessible for a while can lead to high anxiousness, distraction, and a sense of helplessness! However, there is something to be said for the peace that one can find by not being in the always-on mode, which perhaps we’ve forgotten with our information addiction.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are always happy to meet talented professionals who may be aspiring to join Madison PR. If in the immediate there is no suitable opening, this allows us to build a credible database for future reference.



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