The making of Axis Bank’s #ReverseTheKhaata campaign

Axis Bank's #ReverseTheKhaata campaign

Conceptualized & executed by Lowe Lintas, Axis Bank’s #ReverseTheKhaata urges individuals to support small-scale vendors financially during this ongoing pandemic. A look at the making of the campaign.

Conceptualized and executed by Lowe Lintas, the Axis Bank campaign, #ReverseTheKhaata, nudges the consumers to help small vendors bring back their business during such difficult times. The ad film comprises a montage of relatable images with the voice of Amer Jaleel, Group CCO and Chairman, MullenLowe Lintas Group in the backdrops. Media Samosa deep dives into the campaign.

Objective & Insight

The insight behind the campaign came from the thought that in the post-lockdown period, several small-scale vendors will need money to restart their business. The campaign leans on the insight of Khata that most of us have with local shops and vendors. Khatas are essentially long-standing relationships that are rooted in trust.

Axis Bank evokes this emotion urging people to #ReverseTheKhata and urges people to financially support the ones who have been keeping their account & to give them back as a moral responsibility and help such vendors.


The idea was conceptualized while the team was brainstorming over how to help people who are in need. That’s where #ReverseTheKhata was born and everyone instantly saw the power of the intention behind the initiative.


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Campaign Journey & Execution

The lockdown has made everyone realize that the walls around us are only like an illusion. With seamless internet connectivity and all the sophisticated technological tools, it seems that there’s nothing ‘remote’ about working from home anymore. The only aspect in an advertising business that gets really affected is the Film Production.

“For this film, we used photographs that were shot by the creative team in the pre-COVID time, which fell beautifully in place with the narrative. And where we fell short, we used some stock photography too. So the work seamlessly happened from the safe confines of our homes”, said, a Lowe Lintas spokesperson.

Further, the agency explained that everything for the campaign was done in-house – from the images to the voiceover, and even the edits. The team believed in the power of the thought to strike the right chord with the audiences. While the video was edited by the agency’s Art Director, the photos used in the ad were shot by the agency’s copywriter and his brother. The film was made by LinProductions to help turn it around in time.

The brand shared that as someone who has lent his voice to a previous Axis Bank campaign, Amer Jaleel was the natural choice for Voice Over for the campaign as it added a dimension to the story.




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