FPJ and Taproot Dentsu join hands to ‘Fight against Corona’ and inculcate new mindset

Taproot Dentsu

Taproot Dentsu and Free Press Journal started a print initiative ‘Fight against Corona Virus’ to serve as a creative reminder to help inculcate new habits and a new mindset.

The duo collaborated, almost overnight, on a new project that they believed was the need of the hour.  Till today 67 print creatives were created at breakneck speed, with topics ranging from precautions, respect for Corona warriors, tips for staying fit during the lockdown, working from home, and also topical issues like liquor-store queues, fake news, Nisarga, precautions to be taken during Eid and so on. The campaign also sensitively addressed the migrant worker crisis and issues like employment and senior citizen care.

Print 1

The first, full, front-page ad featured on 4th April 2020 followed by a dozen more, consecutive, full-page ads each day. It’s a record longest-running print campaign with 58 different creative ran back to back from 4th April – 31st May (End of 4th lockdown) The campaign continues till date on alternate days or whenever the need for a topical creative arises. Many of these minimal creative ads have been translated into beautiful 10-second animation videos that have featured on Free Press Journal’s social media pages.

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Abhishek Karnani, Director – Free Press Journal said, “We had no idea that this would become the longest-running print campaign of India. It started as a simple, heartfelt initiative to address our readers and remind then about steps for prevention of Covid-19. But the response we got, initially through our e-paper, and later through the physical paper, inspired us to sustain the momentum and keep going on, with digital videos on social media too. Since the campaign has struck a chord with our readers, we intend to continue the campaign until we manage to completely get rid of the virus. By owning this simple, minimal style of communication, we hope to keep creating social messages expressed in our unique, creative voice.”

“I feel that the simplicity and minimal approach we chose is what eventually stood out and helped the campaign come together. It was relatively easy to crack the first few of these creatives but as we moved forward it became a challenge to choose an apt issue, crack a visual idea and deliver artwork in 24 hours, day after day. We chose a creative treatment that fused or blended two unrelated visual elements effortlessly, allowing the reader to discover hidden meaning in each creative. When the initial ads did well, the expectation was higher, but that’s what kept us inspired,” commented Santosh Padhi (Paddy) Chief Creative Officer & Founder- Taproot Dentsu.

He added, “The team worked with a print-first approach and followed the creatives with the animation films inspired by the print. Everything was done inhouse (and also from the respective houses) of the Taproot team members. Me, Yogesh Rijhwani (Copy CD), Nilesh Naik (Illustrator) and Krishna Iyer (Animator) worked on this campaign.”




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