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Aspire PR

How do we define Aspire PR?

Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt. Ltd., is a public relations agency in Pune. Established in 2004, with over a decade in business, we obligate our clients for deliberate communications assignments, endorsing the agency’s reputation as one of Pune’s leading forte communications firms. Our Founder & Director is Varsha Marathe & Director operations is Ameet Marathe.

Team Aspire PRWhat’s in the Name?

A unified brand presence speaks with a powerful voice. We consider that Public Relations is a superlative technique to create awareness about your company and to strengthen its reputation. Whenever anyone thinks about their company name then they always go with something positive and whatever that will motivate them. Aspire is a name where we think that we are aspiring high & think optimistically.

What do we do?

We provide services like Public Relations, Digital Social Media, Corporate Social Responsibility Consulting, Image Consulting, Celebrity Management, Movie Promotions, and Media Relations. We, at Aspire PR & Strategies Pvt. Ltd., cater to business verticals like retail, health care, hospitality, IT, education, banks, real estate, infrastructure organizations, governments, semi-government organizations, non – profit organizations that form the clientele list.

Why we do it?

Aspire has developed a passion for the clients and embraces PR as a profession. Aspire PR aims to bring all tools together to solve a problem or address a challenge and the client’s satisfaction is our only goal.

How has the role of PR changed with the digital ecosystem coming off age?

Digitalization, as we can call it today, is sweeping across every aspect of our daily lives in all the ways. Right from reading news online to paying the grocery and electricity bills, we are turning online. This is how digital marketing has become a core thing in our day to day life. It has changed the way brands and businesses use technology for marketing. The number of people using digital devices is more than the number of people visiting shops. Consumers want brands that are tailored to their needs and preferences. Now because of this lockdown, everything is going to perform online. Nowadays everyone has their own laptop, smartphones, as well as their online presence, which is most. Now people are inculcating or adopting new technology and they are trying to match themselves to a particular new era.

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CSR in PR?

Aspire PR is also a CSR consulting firm in India dedicated to helping purpose-driven companies and nonprofit organizations to aim and create social change.

  • We create, design, focus, and implement customized CSR activities to mitigate risks, enhance the corporate image to achieve better business objectives. We work closely with our network of NGOs across India and help you bring access to funding, in-kind donations, on-board relevant and credible partners, to maximize your social impact.
  • We generate and attempt to develop high-impact content that is integrated to all your communications, including website, social and digital media, newsletters, blogs, press releases, and other collaterals.
  • We aim to ensure that the intended beneficiaries gain from our well-structured CSR project.

They work with us

Some Brands we worked for:

  • Atlas Copco
  • Bank of Maharashtra
  • Dharma Production
  • Harbinger Group
  • PNG Jewelers
  • Jupiter Hospital
  • Sahyadri Hospital

A day without Internet

If you are not doing anything or you are spending time with your loved once then it can definitely be a happy day. But it depends on perspective, that is, if you are working from Monday to Friday and your internet is off then definitely it is a loss for anybody. Indeed the Internet has made the world a small town again. Technology is part of your life & the internet is like how you breathe.

We learned the hard way

As per Varsha Marathe, “Learning is always there and no journey is easy. I started my journey from a very early age. When I look back, I was only 26 years old and no one was there into this business, not even my parents. Every day I am learning something new because like as we see how traditional era is changing and we are adopting & moving towards the digital era.”

We learned from our mistakes and we are adopting & going ahead with this digital era. We need to maintain our quality. It is essential to retain our name along with getting a client on board.

Lastly, are you hiring?





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