‘No Means No’- Gaali Free India’s latest campaign puts the spotlight on harassment

Gaali-Free India'

Gaali-Free India’s latest campaign took the issues of rape, domestic violence, and acid attack, by leveraging famous dialogues from recent Bollywood films that specifically dealt with these subjects.

Violence against women is an age-old problem and tragically one that simply doesn’t seem to be going away. But rather than curse the darkness, one entity has decided to light a single candle by taking things upon itself to sensitize, publicize and amplify the issue, in the sincere hope of bringing about a change in society.

Vandana Sethhi, Founder, Gaali-Free India said,  “The campaign underlines that women are not commodities. The objectification and sexualization of women be it at work, home or on the street has led to a long-drawn war – and we’re throwing our lot into this fight, determined to keep at it until everyone in society is sensitized to the issue. Challenging her modesty, calling her names, stereotyping her… are all forms of violence against women. There is a crying need for people to discipline their actions as well as thoughts about women.”


And what better way than Bollywood to get the message across. The three-installment campaign contextually borrowed three impactful dialogues and fitted them to three specific issues of violence against women. Each was anchored by an emphatic exhortation: ‘Women are not objects! Discipline your actions, thoughts, and words.’

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Reiterating the objective behind the campaign Sethhi added, “Coming essentially from an advertising and communications background, it might appear that creativity is the goal. But nothing is further from the truth. This campaign – and every other one that goes under the Gaali-Free India banner has only one aim: To raise awareness against the deplorable gaali culture and how this has a direct and undesirable impact on women. This has nothing to do with me as an advertising professional, but everything as a woman.”

The campaign intends to put a mirror up to the face of society. It desires that the awareness be universal – strongly directed towards perpetrators on the one hand, but equally to everyone else, the unspoken message being to not remain neutral in the face of such abuse. And in doing so, return India to its original ethos of being a peace-loving and caring society. Gaali-Free India was literally made for social media.



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