Most advertisements in June-July were about toilet soaps, shampoos: TAM AdEx

Shampoo ads

In sync with the consumers’ focus on safety amidst the pandemic, personal care brands are forming the bulk of TV advertising with soap and shampoo ads. 

TAM AdEx-Television Advertising Report VIII takes a deep dive into the details of GEC Channel Genre focusing on Hindi GEC, Tamil GEC, Malayalam GEC, Kannada GEC, Bengali GEC, Telugu GEC and Marathi GEC, in regards to television advertising during June-July 2020 (till July 25). The report highlights that compared to June 2020, the Average Ad Volumes/Day during this period grew by 9%.

Personal Care/Personal Hygiene was the top sector with 22% share of television advertising in the said period. It was followed by F&B (19%), Services (12%), Hair Care (8%) and Personal Healthcare (8%). Among the category of products, Toilet Soaps (8%), Shampoos (5%) and Tooth Pastes (4%) were advertised about the most, followed by Washing Powders/Liquids (4%) and Milk Beverages (4%).

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Among GEC genres, Hindi GEC topped with 23% share of Ad Volumes followed by Tamil GEC (13%), Malayam GEC (11%), Kannada GEC (10%), Bengali GEC (10%), Telugu GEC (9%) and Marathi GEC (7%).

In Hindi GEC, most advertisements were seen for Toilet Soaps, Shampoos and Washing Powders/Liquids. These were prominent categories for other GEC genres as well, with some variations such as Tamil GEC, Bengali GEC and Telugu GEC seeing Milk Beverages as a prominent category and Malayalam GEC, Chocolates.

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