Cadbury print ad asks people to fill in the thanks

Cadbury print ad

The Cadbury Thank You print ad was released in five languages in seven publications with an aim to enable regional relatability and personalisation. 

In today’s world, when digital is increasingly becoming the media of preference for brands, Cadbury and Ogilvy gave a refreshing twist to a classic way to reach out to 3.2 million people with a full-page print ad that gave each reader a chance to fill in their personalized Thank You, for each person who makes their lives easier each day.

The print ad plays on the insight that everyone has their own unique heroes who make their lives smooth and easy but usually go unnoticed. The copy takes the reader through a typical day in their lives and the people in it — The maids and cooks who pack their dabba, the rickshaw wala who’s a friend now and doesn’t say no to them, the office admin staff who organizes their desk and heats everyone’s dabbas, the society watchman who keeps a close eye on the kids playing around — leaving the blanks for the readers to add the names of the ones who play these roles in their lives, making each ad personal for each reader.

The print ad is a part of the ongoing Cadbury Dairy Milk campaign #SayThankYou, which acknowledges the generous spirit of these unacknowledged heroes in our daily lives and melts the power distance between two individuals – between those being served and those serving. As a part of the initiative, Cadbury has partnered with Nirmana, an NGO that aims to empower unorganized sector workers to help sponsor over 17,000 daily wagers.

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Anil Viswanathan, Director, Marketing (Chocolates), Mondelez India, “In line with our proposition of Inspiring Generosity and connecting people, we have activated the Thank You campaign in May which involves a multimedia campaign across all media touchpoints. This Print campaign aims to inspire people to ‘acknowledge the unacknowledged’ — those who keep our lives ticking every day and whom we often forget to thank. We want people to be actively engaged in this idea and actually take action.”

“‘Fill In The Thanks’ is not just a print ad, it is a customised, personal thank you note for every reader. Igniting the spirit of acknowledgement of people in our lives who make our life magical,” added Sukesh Nayak, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy India (West).

Further, Neville Shah, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy said, “The idea makes each one of us realize the value of the people who help make our lives easier by making you actively fill in your thanks.”

“In the digital world where brands struggle to engage audiences on social platforms, we thought using print might help to break the clutter. We hope the unexpected use of the medium will inspire people to acknowledge those they never acknowledged. People who most surely deserve at least a ‘thank you’. We sincerely hope this makes the world a wee bit kinder, generous, and less unequal,” added Ganapathy Balagopalan, Head of Strategic Planning, Ogilvy Mumbai.



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