Flipkart introduces Brand Pulse: an insights tool for brands


Flipkart has introduced ‘Brand Pulse’ – an insights tool to help brands understand their awareness in the minds of consumers. 

Brand Pulse will enable brands to understand their relevance with context to competition, which, in turn, will help them develop timely and focused marketing plans on Flipkart. The tool is easy to use and is based on real consumer behavior of over 250 million users, providing insights on a weekly basis.

As the purchase journeys of customers become increasingly non-linear, brands need timely insights and knowledge of current trends to engage meaningfully with their audiences. Brand Pulse will shed light on which brands customers are looking at in a category and how their awareness has changed over time. This understanding is based on various aspects of the consumers’ e-commerce journey including search, response to banners, page views, and so on.

Commenting on the launch of Brand PulsePrakash Sikaria, Vice President – Growth and Monetization at Flipkartsaid, In the multimedia world that we live in, it is imperative for brands to understand the user journey in deeper ways and be strategically present on the platform where the decision to purchase is being made. With our deep consumer understanding, we believe that we can bring more purpose to the brands that are present on our platform, by leveraging real-time consumer behavior to understand their awareness index. We believe that Brand Pulse will be the simplest way for a brand to understand how they are faring against the competition, which will enable them to measure brand health metrics on Flipkart through a new lens.”

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Brand Pulse is the latest insights tool by Flipkart that is aimed at making the e-commerce shopping experience more valuable for both brands and consumers.

Here are some questions that Brand Pulse will help answer:

What is the consumer awareness for my brand vis-a-vis competitors on Flipkart this week, month, or quarter?

Which other brands have strong consumer awareness in my brand’s category on Flipkart?

By enabling easy access to this online toolFlipkart offers an opportunity for anyone in the marketing community to gauge how brands in a certain category rank in the minds of consumers. It will also appeal to curious consumers who are seeking to validate their brand preferences or discover new choices. The insights are based on high-level anonymized consumer interactions on Flipkart, giving a view into demographics too. Brand Pulse will be useful for brands in all product categories on Flipkart, especially those in highly competitive and evolving segments such as smartphones, consumer electronics, health foods, and fashion.



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